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Feb 19, 2013

Hi Professor Dawkins,

First and foremost, in my opinion formal looking emails have a tendancy to look like they are “designed to fit structure” instead of sharing information – unless they are in an academic context, hence I tend to write a little informal.

I’m from Turkey but I should immediately add even the first time I heard about the idea of God, Hell – Heaven etc. it was so unbelieveable that I decided to be an anti-theist in my early childhood, and that was when I had no knowledge of Science as a child, it was just so illogical.

Although this may be irrelevant, I must add this;
I’m not even an Ex-Muslim – as I have never been one, but in my National ID Card it says my religion is Islam, apparently babies are born with beliefs as no one ever asked me that. 🙂

Moreover I guess it will give some perspective if I mention I’m a Graduate (MSc) Physics student in Bogazici (Bosphorus) University. (while working in Microsoft Middle East & Africa HQ)

I have come to know your movement about a year ago and watched several of your and Lawrence Krauss’ debates and discussions, for which I would love to share some feedback but I won’t be doing that this time.

Anyhow, while I was watching an interview of yours with Roger Bingham (from The Science Network), it was surprising for me to hear you mention Turkey, and then Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya), your “The evil guy in James Bond films” comparison really fits well 🙂

So the reason I wanted to write this email is that you really did made me laugh very hard with that, so I wanted to return the favor. 🙂

You might have seen this before but I simply feel I have to share this with you;

Here is the link:

This is in Turkish but I will provide a translation script here.

Starting at exactly 3:15 here is what goes on in the discussion;

Woman Voice: We also have the issue of Dawkins…
Adnan Oktar: Ok, tell them to show the “apple-cheeked”.

Which is followed by a video of an interview of yours, starting at 3:22 – its already in English with Turkish subtitles.

In the interview you sarcastically mention the possibility of an Intelligent civilization which evolved earlier than us somewhere in the universe and the possibility of that civilization to have created and designed us, and so on and so forth.. I’m sure you know what you said 🙂

Going back to Adnan Oktar at 5:32;
Adnan Oktar: Can you see what the “apple-cheeked” has come down to. He is saying that a super intelligent being has designed… Who created that being, who designed that being? He doesn’t give any explanation on that. He can’t say its Allah.. So he is down to this point.

We did this, the thing that descended him to this lowly point, that made him miserable is our works. He didn’t have this “tune” before. He was coming up on the stage in front of Elementary and middle school children and … umm…. he was telling stuff.. What he does has a counterpart in Turkish but let’s not mention it here, it won’t be nice of us.
We made him not being able to do that anymore.

He can’t even explain the Proteins and he is jumping to Genes…
He says the genes of Humans and Apes are so alike.. Well, the genes of Potatos are even more alike, should we get a potato and love him as our grandfather?
He can’t say things like these when I am around.
I suggest everyone to read the “Atlas of Creation” (his book I guess) etc… etc..
I should say this is a program shown on Television in Turkey (not one of the main, popular channels though), also be informed that things like “our work made him like this” is an exact translation – probably even an under-estimation. When he says “our” he doesn’t mean Islam etc. etc. he means Himself and his work 🙂

Well apparently he ruined your efforts and proved otherwise in his book 😀 I know there is no way you can find this as funny as I did, its simply can’t be translated that well, and I had to cut out many insults like calling you kid (in a meaningful way which I can’t explain) etc. as they have no exact counter-part in Englsih. However I do hope it can give you a smile 🙂

By the way as a quick feedback – some parts I really wanted to highlight by making bold etc. but no formatting allowed here, it should be.

I hope you will have time to read this as I’m sure you will find it funny.



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