Makes Sense


This morning I posted a series of tweets, making fun of some of religion’s absurdities, each one ending with the ironic phrase “Makes sense”.  Almost immediately this started a trend, and several hundred other people joined in, also ending their tweets with the same ironic phrase.  I retweeted a minority of these (about one in five) and this minority is collected here, together with the original ones that I wrote myself.



Written By: Richard Dawkins
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  1. All my loved ones are in heaven experiencing eternal bliss. I am depressed at their passing. Makes sense.

  2. A perfect god created the solar system; failed to remove the thousands of rogue asteroids, thus leaving us vulnerable to devastating impacts. Makes sense.

  3. Can not stop laughing this has made made my weekend.Im trying to think of something as funny but can not think of any thing that would make sense

  4. @RichardDawkins It’s my right to discriminate against you based on my religious beliefs & you’re at fault for criticising that! #makesSense

  5. You have a choice because God gave you free will.¹

    ¹ Oh BTW, you’ll suffer forever if you don’t believe in him and do what he says.

  6. @RichardDawkins Infallible, omnipresent, omniprescient god didn’t spot Eve talking to Serpent, whom he presumably also created. #makesSense

  7. @RichardDawkins First 4 of 10 Commandments pander god’s vanity, with no mention of rape, slavery or discrimination in remainder. #makesSense

  8. @RichardDawkins A girl is raped, and the prophet Mohammed dictates that she should be stoned to death for the crime. #makesSense

  9. @RichardDawkins Jahweh commands Jews to cut off their male baby’s foreskin, exposing child to potential disease and death. #makesSense

  10. The little god in the believers’ brains says it is hidden in the far reaches of time and space, – so believers pass on the message, that those seeking to refute its claim of external material existence, should look out there (where the omnipotent sky-fairies live): – with inadequate instruments – Makes (theistic) sense!

  11. If im descended from gods own vision,but im an atheist because i dont believe in god.makes sense

  12. The Church in Italy received 1.1 Billion € in ‘11 to pay its priests of which only 360 Million € was actually paid out. Makes sense.

  13. The Bible says the entire world was populated by one incestuous family…twice! Makes sense.

  14. My holy book is the exact word of god AND an allegorical work, depending on what I need to “prove” when discussing with someone. Makes sense.

  15. “The Bible” – all the different contradictory versions and mistranslations of it – are all Trooooo!
    The New Testament Gospels were written by illiterate disciples years after they were dead. –

    Makes sense!

  16. “Giving your heart to Jesus” obviously stops blood flow to the brain. MakesSense

  17. In reply to #14 by Daniel Moszkowicz:

    Richard Dawkins ‏@RichardDawkins
    God couldn’t think of a better way to forgive the sin of Adam (who never existed) than to have his son (aka himself) executed. Makes sense.

    This Tweet is by far my favourite, simply because it demonstrates to people of “reason” the humble state of your mind Professor and the delusion you must be suffering from, to openly assert your knowledge of G_D’s mind…knowing what He thinks and doesn’t think.

    Bravo Professor, you have excelled in making “reason” seem very attractive and let’s not mention scientific inquiry! Ha-ha! No wonder Professor John Lennox is having you for breakfast, lunch, & dinner! You are a mere plaything for a true intellectual Master such as he!

    Daniel Moszkowicz (TKofC).

    OKAY… So you are ascertaining that your so called god didn’t have a brain, if he/she/it had a brain then he/she/it would definitely think… Because a brain can only think… This post of yours makes absolute sense and is a
    And FYI, what a brain thinks can be ascertained by the ensuing action, so its is a simple conclusion based on the your religious text which says the god sacrificed himself to himself to appease himself so that he could save humanity from himself for himself….. #makes hell lot of sense.

  18. Some guys came up with a story. Other guys took the story and begun to believe it, some literally. Richard says the story is stupid. Now a bunch of guys are having a fight about whether the story is real or not.

    I don’t know whether this makes sense or not, what I know for sure is that none of it has anything to do with God.

  19. The fact that God is omniscient/omniprescient does not imply at all that my life story is already written. So I have free-will and make my own moral choices. Makes sense.

  20. This book is the word of God, is infallible, and is to be taken literally. Except when it contradicts itself or we choose to leave that author’s works out. Makes sense.

  21. An omniscient god gets mad at you for doing what he already knew you would do in the first place. Makes sense.

  22. Children have to be taught faith, belief and obedience to God from infancy, but Christianity is a “choice” #makesSense

  23. God dictated His holy, inerrant, infallible Word, then let it be subject to the normal rate of error in copying fidelity. Makes sense.

  24. Celebrate Mass with a woman: immediate excommunication. Protect a pedophile: receive asylum in the Vatican. Makes sense.


  25. God let’s a young baby die of a horrible disease (which God created in the first place) because he’s too busy ensuring his favourite football team will win.

    Sure makes sense.

  26. In reply to #16 by Alan4discussion:

    “The Bible” – all the different contradictory versions and mistranslations of it – are all Trooooo!

    The New Testament Gospels were written by illiterate disciples years after they were dead. –

    Makes sense!

    The other Gnostic and Coptic Gospels of Thomas, Mary and Judas etc. were not included … because they were “fake” !!!

    Makes sense!

  27. I was not diverted from my natural non-theism, so when I see any religious stories I just think – Makes No Sense….

  28. In reply to #14 by Daniel Moszkowicz:

    How do you know Richard Dawkins isn’t part of “God’s plan” if no human possesses any insight into it?

  29. The natural order of the universe was suspended allowing a virgin to give birth. Makes sense.

  30. Omniscient, omnipotent God never smites the guilty before their crime only after it, often adding collateral damage of his own. Makes sense.

  31. First sighting of rainbow after Noah’s flood. Plants and animals thrived prior with apparently no rain. Makes sense.

  32. But it all makes sense to children……well, very young children. Which is all that is needed.

  33. “I’ll believe in Evolution when I see a monkey turn into a human, but I have no problem with a talking snake”. Makes Sense.

  34. My holy book mentions something a bit like another dimension… Therefore my holy book is more reliable than science.


  35. Killing people is wrong… unless they are infidels, apostates, rape victims, or people who drink alcohol.


  36. The very idea that humans, great apes & monkeys share common ancestors is preposterous – But, I believe in talking snakes.


  37. Christ’s blood is manufactured by Manischewitz and his body by Nabisco. Makes Sense.

  38. CREATOR of all visible things; can’t make himself visible. All powerful; needs man to write and speak for him. Makes sense.

  39. The Hindu God(s) is infinitely intelligent… But can only be pleased with repetitive and mindless rituals. Makes sense.

  40. The trad unevidenced theist “reasoning” starts with a preconceived pet god, and then constructs a fallacious circular argument.
    Makes sense

  41. God’s judgement upon us “is/was/always has been/always will be…” impeccably perfect. But we are not. Makes sense.

  42. The one and only top god’s judgement upon us from Mt. Olympus -“is/was/always has been/always will be.” impeccably perfect. Zeus-Makes sense

  43. God’s punishment for the talking snake was to condemn it to crawl on its belly, makes sense !

  44. God belief is sensible, reasonable, and rational. The proof? Atheists are strident and militant! Makes sense.

  45. Using reason and science is arrogant. Saying you know things you can’t justify and then moaning when questioned is humble. Makes sense.

  46. You are shortchanging God by not tithing 10%. He needs to pay our gas, electric, and our new Jaguar. Makes sense.

  47. Born into abuse, no surprise they landed in jail for murder. Yet, they will go to heaven because they believe. Jesus saves. Makes sense.

  48. Born into abuse, no surprise they landed in jail for murder. They will be reincarnated to be punished and learn to be loving. Makes sense.

  49. Born into abuse, no surprise he committed murder. But, the daughter brought shame onto the family. He made things right. Makes sense.

  50. “Heaven above, Hell below” We’ve been to outerspace. Where is it? Oh, it’s not literal. It is in another realm. Makes sense.

  51. “God is love.” “We do not understand what Love is so we chip away at any untruth that will lead us to understanding Love.” Makes sense.

  52. God is love, but the Bible shows God as an angry, petty, human God. So we view the Bible symbolically so that it now — makes sense.

  53. We view the Bible symbolically and metaphysically. Please give us literally 10% on your gross income. Makes sense.

  54. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You have forgotten the Truth of who you are. That’s why you behave badly. Makes sense.

  55. According to the Law of Attraction you attracted your current situation. This holds true for the child living in squaller. Makes sense.

  56. Your knee troubles are caused by you having trouble moving forward in your life. Heal your mind and you will heal your knee. Makes sense.

  57. We send our love and light, positive healing energy during this crisis. Our Consciousness touching theirs. (No help needed.) Makes sense.

  58. Drinking alcohol, looking lustfully at women, sleeping around, all these things are evil and allah hates them and will burn you forever if y

  59. Booze and sex are evil & god hates them, but heaven is an alcohol-fuelled orgy of busty beauties. Makes sense.

  60. My computer keeps crashing. My emails are misunderstood. My co-workers keep making mistakes. Oh, mercury is in retrograde. Makes sense!

  61. My perfect God must exist because only a perfect god could hide all evidence of his existence so perfectly. Makes sense.

  62. You say you’ll prove god exists. You then discuss why god belief can be used as an opiate for the masses. Makes sense.

  63. You say you’ll prove god exists. You then talk about all the good he does, and how the bad stuff he does is actually good. Makes sense.

  64. God gives you a brain then tells you not to use it. Makes sense.

  65. You say you’ll prove god exists. Your first proof: “Look at the world he made for us! I can’t possibly believe he doesn’t!” Makes sense.

  66. God brings disasters to encourage bravery that wouldn’t be needed if such disasters didn’t exist in the first place. Makes sense.

  67. Science and religion are compatible. Because following evidence and believing in stuff without evidence isn’t contradictory. Makes sense.

  68. Good stuff happens. God’s Divine Will! Praise the Lord!

    Bad stuff happens. God moves in mysterious ways.

    Makes sense.

  69. God sends a hurricane to your town and then comforts you when it kills your family. Makes sense.

  70. Sophisticated theologians are the authorities on religious belief. They represent about 1% of actual beliefs held by the public. Makes sense

  71. You have a deeply satisfying personal relationship with an invisible, undetectable being that doesn’t interact with you. Makes sense.

  72. Not believing in my god makes you an evil hellspawn, which is all the justification I need to harass, torture, and/or kill you. Makes sense.

  73. God designed the retina of our eyes backwards and then used evolution to correct the mistake. Makes sense.

  74. We thank you, Lord, for the billions of animals that die pointlessly gruesome deaths every day. Truly you are a great being.

    Makes sense

  75. We put flowers on the graves of our loved ones. Otherwise they are unhappy in heaven. Makes sense.

  76. Gold and life-changing events are valuable because they’re rare, yet life is worthless unless I have it in infinite amounts. Makes sense.

  77. Islam is the religion of peace but if you decide to leave it, we’ll kill you… makes sense!

  78. According to sharia law written by Khomeini: “… If they have intercourse with a cow and sheep and camel their [the animals] urine and dung

  79. God intentionally cloaks himself in mystery just so he can reward all believers and punish all non-believers. Makes sense.

  80. The uncertainty principle means we cant know everything therefore quantum mysticism is true and scientific despite a lack of evidense. Make

  81. Quite a lot of these points are valid in the case of highlighting the wrong doings of the organised religions, others are just vitriolic abu

  82. Light travelled millions of light-years to reach us, but the world is only 6000 years old. Makes sense.

  83. Light travelled millions of light years to reach us, but the universe is only 6000 years old. Makes sense.

  84. The wine that turns into blood of Jesus tastes just like wine. Hence, Jesus’ blood apparently tastes like wine. Makes sense…

  85. The Bible is not meant to be taken literally, so Dawkins is wrong to tell those who do take it literally that they are wrong. Makes sense.

  86. Shulabh, Light travelled millions of light years to reach us… the universe is only 6000 years old.

    LY is the unit of distance.

  87. Large travelling distances require longer propagation times to keep the light velocity constant. LY used in fractionally constant sense. Thx

  88. In a geology question in a school geography exam, YEC calculations of the age of the Earth, will be marked with a cross! X – Makes sense!

  89. Your imagination of god is not exactly the same as mine therefore you are wrong …it makes sense!

  90. God knows what you are thinking but you should pray and face mecca to make sure other humans can see what you are thinking…makes sense!

  91. Scientists are arrogant because they tell me when there are flaws in my ideas. I’m not as I’ll believe anything most don’t. Makes sense.

  92. Science cannot know how this immense universe got started, but we’ll just believe that the creative spark for all the existence we have know

  93. Science cannot know how this immense universe got started, but we’ll just believe that the creative spark for all the existence we have know

  94. Sown, fertilized, harvested, ground, baked, packaged, driven, shelved, sold, we thank You for this bread and not those people. Makes sense.

  95. God is impressed when rituals and prayers are offered in an ancient language that is not used by common man. Makes sense.

  96. Greatest joy is to move to eternal bliss after death. But a heinous sin to speed anyone’s (including one’s own) arrival there. Makes sense.

  97. Site mission statement “to support scientific education, critical thinking and evidence-based understanding” is no longer there. Makes sense

  98. The communion wine turns into the blood of Christ.

    But the clever part is:- as you drink it, it turns back into wine again.

    Makes sense.

  99. This seems like a fun game. Let me try.

    Science cannot know how this immense universe got started, but we’ll just believe that the creativ

  100. I am a God and have created a universe the size of 93 billion light years all for an ape species requiring 0.0013 light years. Makes sense

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  102. @RichardDawkins Win a debate with a religious person? It’s satan who gave you your eloquence. Makes perfectly sense

  103. At a bronze-age party Jesus turned water molecules into high-quality wine and as the party-goers got more and more drunk he turned water int

  104. The all-knowing God revealed himself in such a way, that there would be religious wars all over history. But he loves us. Makes sense.

  105. Murder is a mortal sin. Unless the victim picks up wood sticks on a sunday. Makes sense.
    (Numbers, 15:32 …)

  106. Modern human was created more than 50,000 years ago. But for 48,000 he sent them all to hell until he revealed himself. Makes sense.

  107. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us. But just after a few days, he was perfectly fine. Makes sense.

  108. The Bible is always the absolutely true guide for everything. Unless we now think otherwise. Makes sense.

  109. Jesus was born in a manger or under a palm tree,was or was not crucified,makes sense……….not.

  110. Jesus’ Y chromosome came from a female dove. Since female birds have a Y chromosome, it does males sense.

  111. A religion with absolutely no basis in science has been named Scientology. Makes sense.

  112. A wife may remarry her ex—husband if and only if she marries another man and then this second man divorces her. Makes sense.

  113. God can’t just forgive humankind because He demands justice too. So he punishes his innocent Son. Makes sense.

  114. General comments about randomly shuffled cards with pictures on them describe intimate details about my life and future. Makes sense.

  115. The serpent was actually Satan so God pushes serpents. We commit sins so God has second innocent being punished. Makes sense.

  116. I don’t understand what’s going on with the commenting on this thread. Are we limited to 140 characters? A few posts exceed that number.

  117. Katy Cordeth

    I think the character limit was brought in part way through the discussion.

  118. I can’t have a life saving operation because the Bible says I shouldn’t eat blood. Makes sense.

  119. Limiting comments to 140 characters on a discussion site is nonsensical and will only result in the dumbing down of said site.

    Makes sense?

  120. I think ‘140 characters’ is only for this “tweet style thread”.

    How tweet it is…47 always makes sense.

  121. So John, Peter and Paul, who would know better than anyone else whether the resurrection was true or false, chose to suffer physical persecu

  122. In the old days, God appeared to everyone everywhere. In these times of video and audio recording – not so much. Makes sense.

  123. Islam is a peaceful religion. The holy wars, fatwas, honor killings, death penalties of various sorts, suicide bombings , flying planes into

  124. Personal favourite. Being willing to murder your son because a voice tells you to , makes you a GOOD person?

  125. God told Noah to build a big boat and take 2 of each animal on, Noah died aged 950. makes sense.

  126. Prophets were saintly visionaries with messages from God – before psychiatric treatment was developed! – Makes sense!

  127. An all-powerful, all-knowing being who created the entire universe in 6 days, needs servants/disciples to do his work. Makes sense.

  128. Jesus is reported to appear on toast and the side of buildings, but never at sites of tsunamis, hurricanes or 9/11. Makes sense.

  129. When humans mistreat one another, we call it free will. When God mistreats humans, we call it Nature and later on, Hell. Makes sense.

  130. Hitch came to me in a vision and said “it’s not hot down here at all!” Makes sense.

  131. @RichardDawkins You shall have no other gods before me. Now say your ten hail Mary’s. Makes sense.

  132. @RichardDawkins Christian missionary: We are going to help the people in Africa for Jesus! Hands starving child a Bible. Makes sense.

  133. @RichardDawkins: Jesus was born of “the virgin” Mary. Still calls Joseph his father, Makes sense.

  134. Jesus walked upon the water. By means of surface tension. He must have been a fly. Or the lake was frozen. Makes sense.

  135. Thou shalt not make thee any graven image,

  136. A fine tuned universe is unlikely, therefore a fine tuned god is inevitable. Makes sense.

  137. Jesus, and all disciples were Jewish therefor; the next Pope should be Jewish . Makes sense

  138. By doctrine Gandhi is burning for eternity in hell, and Catholic Christened Hitler in eternal bliss, if he made confession during his last m

  139. Apostle Thomas, who asked for proof that Jesus was risen from death, as reported, was looked down upon. Makes sense. Critical Thomas ?

  140. Apostle Thomas, who asked for proof that Jesus was risen from death, as reported, was looked down upon. Makes sense. Critical Thomas ?

  141. Every piece of US currency reads: “In God We Trust” Shared with image of pyramid with the eye of Horus Makes sense.

  142. The strongest proponents of religion have being blessed. What of the exponential numbers that have perished? Makes sense.

  143. A woman gets tricked into eating a fruit. So, in revenge, her loving god makes all women suffer pain in childbirth for ever. Makes sense.

  144. Man is made in God’s image except for the foreskin which is no doubt an afterthought. Makes sense.

  145. God is omnipotent. So he could make us believe in him. But he wants to burn some of us in hell. Makes sense.

  146. God could have made us believe in him. Instead he made us make-believe he is there. Makes sense.

  147. I know the mind of God, and speak on His behalf. I also lecture atheists on the vice of arrogance and the virtue of humility. Makes sense.

  148. In reply to Zeuglodon:

    A manufacturer of small, expandable tubes used in certain surgical procedures.

    Makes stents.

  149. In reply to Katy Cordeth:

    J.R.R. Tolkien, writer of the tree-felling The Lord of the Rings, nevertheless loves trees.

    Makes ents.

  150. My theist relatives love me, but believe I will burn in hell for eternity for not believing in their god. Makes sense.

  151. When my prayers are answered, I get superpowers because I’ve convinced God to change the future which he otherwise would not have done. MS

  152. ‘Do you think someone could turn water into wine?’ ‘No, that’s silly!’ replied my six year old nephew. Immunisation – makes sense.

  153. Religious factions launching crusades. – Destroys homes, destroys communities, creates refugee camps – makes tents

  154. In the Dark Ages, the cave dwellers were polytheistic. Now the average “civilized” person in Europe is monotheistic. Perhaps we’ll have (to

  155. god loves you so much that after you die, he will bring you back to life, in a nicer place. But amputees, sorry, not part of your coverage.

  156. Bible thumper tries to point out a gap in science when put on the spot. Only gap he successfully showed me was between his two front teeth.

  157. Eat fruit from the tree of knowledge, and that’s humanity fallen into sin forever ! Makes sense .

  158. Gays and lesbians are discriminated against as they are an “abomination”. The bible refers to the eating of shellfish as an “abomination”.

  159. Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. The poor will always be with us. Without poverty, how can one be charitable? Makes sense.

  160. In Noah’s time God inundated the whole world with water and somehow Noah made it to Australia in his ark to pick up marsupials.
    Makes sense.

  161. The good book says ‘do not take false gods before ME. Ergo, i am the only ‘true’ false god. Hold on a sec…….the only true fal….?? hmmm

  162. An all loving, all good god flooded the world, brought plagues, slavery, rape, stoning and prejudice to the world. Makes sense.

  163. Thank you so much for this blog post. There is not enough time to “like” all the fantastically intelligent tweets. There is hope!!

  164. God: I loved all those killed at Newtown, but I move in mysterious ways, u can’t know my mind and I’m not going to explain. Makes Sense

  165. God, gifts us free will, so we chose disbelief, for which he punishes us because of our free willed decision to not believe. Makes Sense

  166. God kills everyone in Sodom except for Lot because he is the only good person. Lot impregnates both his daughters in a cave. Makes sense.

  167. The mullahs and imams tell you what the hell yous shoud do in order to worship the bygone illiterate nomad. Makes sense

  168. About a hundred cardinals are about to vote the next God’s image who’s going to bully from now on.
    Makes sense.

  169. Many of them think we are silly or stupid or arrogant, we who don’t need any Creator. We know the universe came out of nothing. Makes sense.

  170. The PONTIFF has not said his last word yet. We are about to hear it yet. About abortion, about homo-unions etc… Makes sense.

  171. So, you only know your god exists because you have faith, while faith means being certain of something you can’t know. Makes sense.

  172. “I don’t need evidence for something I know, so let’s see your proof for that which you do not know.” Makes sense.

  173. Some Christians assert belief itself is absolute…yet humans are born as babies too young to understand the concept of belief. Makes sense.

  174. Our creator punished all snakes to crawl on there belly because they can convince humans to eat apples when forbidden. Make Sense

  175. God is omnipresent and watches over you at all times.Even in the duvet dept. and the toilet dept., because he loves you. Makes sense.

  176. My family was brutally killed by an earthquake but God is good, he just works in mysterious ways. Makes sense.

  177. God can watch the whole universe but has to shout for Adam because he can’t see him hiding behind a bush. Makes sense.

  178. God drives Adam and Eve out of Eden and places an Angel with sword at the gates. Why didn`t god watch the gates himself? How could a snake s

  179. christians, hews an muslims are worshipping a god-imagination that is said to have killed millions of innocent lives. And they say Richard

  180. When God created man in his own image, he placed the recreation area right next to the waste disposal unit. (Jerry Coyle)

    makes Sense…

  181. The Catholic Church says evolution is reconcilable with Genesis. Therefore, we went from microbes to humans in just six days. Makes sense.

  182. God may kill everyone you love, take away all that is dear to you and strike you with terminal illness. But he still loves you. Makes sense.

  183. God is love…love is blind…bats are blind…therefore bats are Gods…Makes sense!

  184. God made The Buddha. The Buddha said he was not God. Millions worship him as a God but he is only the Zen of God. Make Zence?

  185. With an entire billion-light-year universe to look after, God still cares what you get up to in your bedroom. Makes sense.

  186. You can be a good person, but if you don`t believe in and love me or, worse, you are gay, you burn in hell. Makes sense!

  187. I allow global suffering and inequality because, well, it`s my will for free will?! Makes sense.

  188. You may be highly intelligent, have a degree, even be a doctor and still believe in me? Makes sense!

  189. You can be a world leader and believe in me and wage war in my name dressed in a lie to steal oil and gas for corporations. Makes sense.

  190. God loves you, but you must fear him and be controlled by and judged by him. Makes sense.

  191. Worship the beauty of nature and science. Worship Darwin not God. Makes sense.

  192. Worship and give praise to those who really exist and love you for you and unconditionally. Makes sense.

  193. The biggest selling book in the world is the biggest work of fiction that people belive. Makes sense

  194. All that have lived and ever will live continue to live (in polarized conditions and on my judgment) when dead. Makes sense.

  195. Yes, Im asinner,an imperfect, fallible human being. Im okay with that. Makes sense.

  196. Im going to die and when I do, Im dead for ever. I`m okay with that. Makes sense.

  197. Oh, I’ve sinned again. And I’m also responsible for Adam’s original sins.But I’ll be forgiven. No worry. God killed his son for that. Makes

  198. I`ve utilized my intellect and evolved brain to study theology. Makes sense!

  199. Religion takes the brain and intellect hostage. Darwin, science and common sense are the SAS!

  200. There should be a national, indeed global Darwin Day as a holiday. Makes sense.

  201. I have a rib. I could post it to God and he could send me a woman. But I’m gay. It doesn’t make sense a bit.

  202. Tha Age-old Pope has not said his Last Word yet. He’s going to say it. According the age-old bible. Makes sense.

  203. Im told, by others, thatJesus loves me....hes not told me personally though! Makes sense.

  204. Engaging a person of faith in conversation as to why science is right and they are deluded………impossible! Makes sense (unfortunately).

  205. In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth….just like that! Makes sense!

  206. Believers tell me I must respect their belief (faith) even if they CAN`T accept mine (science, logic and common sense). Makes sense?

  207. God, Jesus, Ala, Muhammad et all: Redundancy notices issued. Services no longer required,Goodbye! Makes sense?

  208. For sale or rent: Fancy dress outfit. Well worn, but in good condition. Contact J A Ratzinger, Rome, Italy.

  209. Thank God for Darwin and Richard. Makes atheistic sense. Makes also some people tense.

  210. Islam is a peaceful religion. The Holy wars, fatwas, wife-beatings, honour killings, suicide bombings, flying planes into buildings…

  211. …are just a few regrettable exceptions that prove the rule. Makes hell of a lot sense.

  212. Every Christmas and Easter the Pope prays for peace. Every year there are continuous wars. Makes sense !

  213. Anything anyone says has 50% of being true. 60% if orally handed down, 70% if written down, 80% if misreported, 90% if born into it … MS

  214. In the great war (war to end all wars), all protaginists had god on their side. Makes sense.

  215. Xtian with tattoo of Lev 19:28 “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks upon you: I am the LORD” MS

  216. I am told that Jesus loves me….he never tells me directly though! Makes sense.

  217. The puff of smoke from the Vatican chimney always indicates laziness of thought. Makes sense.

  218. The New Testament utilized the Greek philosophers, Plato, Aristotle etc., but left out logic. Makes sense.

  219. God created the world in seven days. The sixth day, at 23.59 pm, after he had created everything else, the extinct and the creatures now…

  220. …alive, he created man, his own image. The world (or the universe, as scientists call it) had already evolved for 13.7 billion years. God

  221. Thou shalt not mock (criticize) gods (any of them). If you do, you’ll burn somewhere hot. Makes sense.

  222. Some believers always say that Sir Charles Darwin refuted his theory at his deathbed. Does it MAKE SENSE? I don’t think so. Am I right?

  223. God so loved his created people that he catered to our needs of nature.

    Makes ‘Gents’. (and ‘Ladies.’)

  224. Burned ballot papers – in a locked room – black smoke – white smoke – no chance of a recount – Normal RCC open scrutiny!
    Makes sense!

  225. Burned ballot papers – in a locked room – black smoke – white smoke – conclave directed by an omniscient God – Makes sense.

  226. God created the world in 7 days. Without a rotating world days don’t exist. Later He created the Sun to create light & days. Makes sense!

  227. Heaven’s a dull place where nothing never happens. Hell? There are more intelligent, morally superior folks down there. Makes sense.

  228. I know that my soul’s gonna pass away when I die. I don’t want no heaven no hell. My atoms in my body won’t pass away. Makes sense.

  229. God creates all sorts of plants that we know require light for photosynthetic reactions. He later creates the sun. Makes sense.

  230. The new pope says, “He who does not pray to the Lord prays to the devil”. – Then he goes off to pray to a statue of Mary! – Makes sense!

  231. Your loved one died because a omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent being needs them more than you do.
    Makes sense

  232. In the beginning when man knew not…..Man made God….but cleverer man and woman knows better now and looks to science….makes sense !

  233. There was, once upon a time, The Holy Creator, who humans had contrived. He created everything, the sadness and madness, and the like. He al

  234. He also created some fellow humans who could continue on challenging His Very Existence. Makes sense.

  235. Why do human beings identify with the gazelle rather than the cheetah. There must be evolution at work there. Or God only knows. Makes sense

  236. God shuffled the universal constants so (about 6000 years ago, although the universe may be a bit older) that scientists …

  237. …in the twenty-first century could continue on ruminating why they cannot reach the GUT (Grand Unified Theory). Makes sense.

  238. God contrived the world so, that the majority of humankind could never, never refute his very existence. Lawers, Doctors, even the most educ

  239. .. even the most educated, including some “scientists”, could never challenge his great plan. Makes sense.

  240. All of humanity is descended from one man and one woman who only had sons. Makes sense.

  241. God gives you free will to not believe in him but punishes you if you use it. Makes sense.

  242. God is compassionate and loving. His autobiography portrays him as a vindictive, petty, despotic, ethnic-cleansing maniac. Makes sense.

  243. Pigs and shellfish are abominations. Slavery and misogyny are perfectly acceptable. Makes sense.

  244. It took God six days to create the entire universe and forty days to inscribe the Ten Commandments on some stone tablets. Makes sense.

  245. Ken Ham: You weren’t there when evolution happened. How can you claim that it did?

    Bill Nye: Makes sense!

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