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Feb 16, 2013

Dear Prof Dawkins.

How are you professor? I’m 18-year-old boy named Koh Jung-woo in Korea. I’m not so good at English so I ask to be excused for you that maybe you will uncomfortable to read this letter. I heard about both doctrine of creation and evolutionary theory many times, so I make time for establish my sense of value about them. Your books are very helpful for me somewhere along the line. But you know it is very important that we have to hear both opposable parts to make decision, despite I know that evolutionary theory is right, I read some book which say “Doctrine of creation is right”.
Of course some of their “evidences” are very simple that young boy can refute about that, but others are hard for me because I’m not educated about a college course. I want to ask for you about those subjects.
First about Miller-Urey experiment. Either I learned that proto Earth is composed of methane, ammonia, and hydrogen, but some book said “follow the latest theory hydrogen must be gone over atmosphere, other ingredient couldn’t make amino acid – they just make formaldehyde” so I want to listen your opinion about this. What kind of ingredients constructed the proto Earth (for the latest theory), and Does Miller-Urey experiment have scientifical importance for now?
Second about the problem that Haeckel’s embryos was manipulated. I heard about this lately, so I’m not sure that the substance of theory was manipulated either. Does initial state of embryos are similar regardless of species?
Thank you for reading this after all you are busy.

2013. 02. 01.
To Professor Dawkins with best wishes from Koh Jung-woo in Korea

Koh Jung-woo

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