1. I don’t follow american rugby. Would it be possible for a native to explain the joke at the end?

  2. You should be glad you don’t follow it, & not worry about the joke 🙂

    But I think it’s because the cowboys weren’t even in the superdull (final) So there would have to be a lot of praying (by those that believe prayer works???) for that team to win… I accept if a joke needs explaining…


  3. i assumed it was a refference to Rick Perry (governor of texas, where the cowboys come from) getting everyone to pray for rain, therefore most cowboys fans being prolific god-botherers

  4. ANTIcarrot, 1st of all there is no American rugby. 2nd of all the joke was that during the entire season more people prayed that the Cowboys (Texas, Gov. Perry) would win the Superbowl than for any other team and they did not even make it to the Superbowl. Get it, nothing fails like prayer. 😉

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