“Origins”, Converts, Thu, Feb 07 2013 #(1860)

Feb 7, 2013

Professor Dawkins will be enshrined with Newton and Darwin
Not since Darwin himself has so axial a shift been effected upon theism. Your incisive
paradigming has ‘evolved’ my thinking revolutionally.
THANK YOU Professor Dawkins! The redound has been thus:
“Heat” (THE universe) violates Laws of Thermodynamics if spontaneous OR eternal.
Life from non-life violates “better adapted for immediate local environment”.
“The first self-replicating molecule” had no nutrients upon which to subsist;”irreducibly complex”.
The necessary Big Bang expansion rate violates Maxwell’s Laws AND Special Relativity.
Perlmutter’s Nobel winning ‘accelerating universe’ violates the Laws of Gravity.
The travel speed during Thomas Jefferson’s time was 6 mph. 100 years later 60 mph. 100 years later 600 mph. Counting 10’s of billions of miles of manned and unmanned space travel @ 6,000+mph, that’s an over %100,000 advance of ALL sciences since Jefferson said: “The priests of the different religions flee the advance of science…” NO science quantifiable by ANY metric has advanced the two questions for a GOD: origin of life–existence of heat. Jefferson (and you) missed it by over %100,000.
“Naturalism” is ipso facto confuted.
Professor, I would contribute significant monies to your foundation for the opportunity to debate you.
Regardless…a genuinely sincere THANK YOU for bringing critical thinking to “Scientific THEISM”.

Carl Arnold

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