Please don’t tell them evolution is too slow to be seen in one’s life time, Good, Sat, Feb 16 2013 #(1882)

Feb 16, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkings,

I am a fan, but wishing to support your cause I could not but put forward this…. I see this question asked in youtube debates many times “If evolution is true why can’t we see it happening, and new species arising?” and both you and late Mr. Hitchens seem to always respond with a vague and, for some, confusing “too slow to be seen in one’s lifetime” answer..

With all due respect, you could massively improve on this answer in public by bring up drug resistant bacteria, insecticide resistant insects, new illnesses like human-contagious bird flue, AIDS and so on of the micro-world. That is very hands-on, readily available knowledge a lot of non-believing audience can relate to. From this reference a lesson could be further drawn that evolution goes faster the faster the reproduction and the heavier the survival pressure…

Best regards,
Andrey Balandin

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