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Feb 10, 2013

What does it mean to “be alive” ?

The brain has multiple neuron groups, each being a different part of conscious thought.

Conscious thought is achieved through the release of electric current through those groups of neurons, ever-changing every fraction of a second.

Stopping and restarting, every micro fraction of a second.

Thus, we are actually continuously living and dying in our brain..

But, our beautiful brain puts it altogether into one constant conscious stream of thought…

We are products of our own perception (e.g. you know red as the way only you see red!), and our perception is the product of millions of years of biological progress.

That same biological progress is a construct of a complex set of chemical reactions.

That complex set of chemical reactions, when broken down to the molecular level, is ultimately a construct of the fundamental laws of physics.

The same laws of physics that govern our vast universe, all through the process known as the Higgs effect (the process where particles throughout our cosmos are endowed with mass).

Every single being, animal, insect, plant, mould, …thing, thus, is just the universe, our grand cosmos, expressing itself in a different method..

When we are studying atoms, we are atoms studying atoms.

We are all creations of the universe, and the most complex works of art.

But we are also just simply, atoms.

Aren’t you a product of sheer brilliance…

My only faith is the faith in our grand universe and it being our creator.

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