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Feb 19, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,
Some years a public meeeting in Stockholm, where the main guest was the journalist Robert Fisk and the subject was related to Palestine I put forward a question. Samson, in his struggle to liberate Israel from the Philistines offered his life to kill as many Philistines as possible. He pulled togetehr two supporiing columns in a palace where the Philistines were partying and he was being used a piece of entertainment. “Upon me and my enemies” he shouted as he pulled.. The palace collapsed and all inside died, aand likewise more than “3.000” men and women who were partying on the roof of the palace.
My question was: Is Samsom to be considered as a freedom fighter or a terrorist? Robert Fisk startled the audience by saying that God is a terrorist. .Some in the audience were chocked others didn’t understand. The moderator at the conference jumped in to say “Well what Mr. Fisk means is that bla, bla bla… But hell did not break as it would have in so many countries I can think of.
Here the question is more political than religious, I admit, but it is worth asking.
Thank you for writng The God Delusion; it is a great help to humanity which most humans want to ignore, for the time being.

Richard Soudah

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