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Feb 10, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins
If there was every any doubt in my mind as to on which side of the god debate I should sit, it was firmly settled after reading the various letters addressed to you here on this website. The rambling, abusive, threatening, illogical and (I hesitate to put ‘crazed’) absurdities of those who purport to be religious is enough to make any rational being shy away from their side of the debate. The impressive collection of grammatical and spelling errors, slips in logic and general ignorance highlights the poorly educated nature of many of the authors. Some seem, not only to lack awareness of the arguments put forward by yourself, but also of the instructions of their own religious books.
The statements (I can’t credit them in most cases with being arguments) put forward by this motley crew of religious authors can only be seen by any sane person as offensive and in trying to distance myself as far as possible from them they have moved me directly into the atheist camp where the arguments are researched and sound, the language moderate (and grammatically correct) and there is no hate.
Thank you for standing up for human rights, for the importance and validity of scientific enquiry and for above all for being a living public demonstration that atheism does not result in crazed behaviour but rather quite the opposite
Zachariah Scott

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