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Feb 19, 2013

I don’t know how this system works. I came here to see how this web site is and I saw people are sharing their Ideas here…

So I would like to say something;
I have long background of practicing religion and I didn’t have chance to get to know Atheism or terms like that. I did practice religion and studied it literally. I read some philosophical books as well. I discussed a lot with others and finally I ended up with making a speech in university about history of scientific method.

A few days ago, coincidentally, I saw “the god debate” in oxford university on youtube and since then I watched lots of videos on these kind of debates held in western countries.

I think God by definition is great. It is created to be. It is, however, improbable to the highest degree so it is delusion and therefore, joining communities and actions in the name of God is evil. Obviously, it has negative consequences on humanity.

God is great and at the meantime it is a delusion. In other words, it is a great delusion but I’m afraid it will take rather centuries to get rid of it.
Here there is something that keeps me thinking; How to establish some terms to others not to be misunderstood. I believe patience and talk reasonably could be the key points.

When I’m asked about religion, evolution and morality. I see myself in situations that finally people dislike me or even worse. I’m thinking to what extend we should explain our own findings to others while they are happier not to know it. I have been accused to be racist as well, just because saying human evolves.

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