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Mar 8, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins, I want to thank you for providing the answers I have been looking for!! I have been ‘out’ as an atheist for about 5 years now…..my second time coming out…..:-)
Realizing I was gay in a catholic high school proved to be hard to handle. Luckily I had close enough friends and family members that were not completely brainwashed by a religion, but of course there were a few…..I knew I was always this way and I certainly didn’t choose it growing up in a small mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada. Reading the bible just left me very confused – in fact, in the 9th grade, I got sent to the principles office from religion class for asking a question (a big no-no….lol) When I asked how the human race got to the 3rd generation without having to resort to incest (that crazy Adam and Eve story, they had 2 sons, so what happened next) I asked it as a legitimate question, not trying to be rude, but it’s a question that cannot be ignored. The teacher and principle both told me that we are to listen without question and from that moment I lost all ‘faith’. Finding out about people like yourself, Sam Harris and the much missed Christopher Hitchens being public and vocal is an inspiration to me…….I wish reason would prevail in my lifetime, but doubt that religion will go away anytime soon. The more I talk about it to my peers, the more I hear others that feel the same way. I loved ‘The God Delusion’ and just finished ‘The Magic of Reality’ and thought they were both excellent…..I intend on reading your entire collection of work as I have with the wonderful Carl Sagan…..Science is the only way to truly understand our amazing Cosmos and this crazy thing called life……:-)

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