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Mar 8, 2013

Dear Richard
From past few days i had the pleasure of viewing your talks on YouTube. I have found your arguments about the whole religion and particularly god to be quite fascinating . Needless to say , you have backed your arguments with the required proof to follow up. Undoubtedly no one can disagree about the findings.

Now , the objective of writing the letter needs to be addressed. I feel atheism is great and finds itself to be based on secular values of equality , harmony and justice. Unfortunately , they do not discriminate even against those propagating injustice, anti -nationalism. These are viewed as freedom of speech. May i dare say we are talking of society and society is formed by grouping men together . A society is more vibrant if these people have common bonds , exchange of ideas — a culture. Atheism is against god and consequently against religion .

Religion has been searching for the same truth for welfare of mankind and in turn built societies and cultures which you and me are a part of . I do not believe that atheism can stay up to the call of society , nation or culture . If people who are fundamentalists organize based on religion or culture they are going to crush the society and the values that it has developed during its quest for god and achieved it.

I think there should be a middle ground and the intelligent thinkers who have found the truth should address the truth keeping in mind that the religion will always look for the welfare of people adhering to it, protect their rights and keep the society functional whereas the atheist will always seek the answer , not for the society or the nation or the culture but for himself. But he is only safe in the society remember that.

FYI–Since you do not believe without evidence , I have evidence to support my observation (i do not claim truth) , you can see the influence of religious fundamentalism in atheist and secular Europe in news and also on YouTube . I think its justifies my opinions based on these observations .
Truth Seeker

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