A statement of faith

Mar 9, 2013

Discussion by: GlenNeuro
Is it legal for an employer to ask you to sign a statement of faith?

I recently started a new part time job whilst studying for my Bsc (Hons) Neuropsychology. Before being a student I was a soldier and as such haven’t had much experience signing contracts for other jobs. In most cases I’ve only ever worked on an ad-hoc basis for the University or taught and lectured on various public engagement schemes and so most of my activities were covered under the University.

My new job is as an eating disorder clinician in which I am to give information, support and guidance to patients on a self employed basis. My employer, already known to me through past work is agreeable and professional. They have presented me with a contract part of which is a “statement of faith”. I would like to know if anyone else has come across such a thing and how they dealt with it. The statement reads;

“We Believe there is one God, who exists forever in Three Persons – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. That Jesus Christ is our personal saviour. He had a virgin birth, led a sinless life, performed many miracles and died on our behalf. He was resurrected and ascended to his Father and will come again. In the healing power and ministry of the Holy Spirit. That the Bible is the infallible, authorative Word of God. That man was created in Gods image but that through sin we need to receive Gods mercy through the redemptive power of Jesus. Our salvation comes through repentance towards God and faith in Jesus. That the Church is the manifestation in spiritual unity of all believers in Jesus.”

Company name is a non-denominational organisation and does not restrict access of its services to anyone of a particular faith group. All committee members are required to endorse our statement of faith along with group leaders. Our steering group which informs our committee and all other volunteers are not required to endorse our statement of faith but are asked to be sympathetic and understanding of the Christian ethos of the organisation. Company name also endorses the statement of faith of company name Evangelical Network company name Care and the Association of Christian Counsellors (copies available on request).

Do you endorse this statement of faith? YES / NO

If you do not endorse this statement of faith, are you understanding and sympathetic to the Christian ethos of this organisation YES / NO”

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