Bicycle bombs killed 14 people in India


A day after two bicycle bombs killed 14 people and wounded more than 100, investigators into India’s worst bombing in more than a year searched Friday for possible links to anger over the execution of a Muslim militant.

The bombs exploded minutes apart in a crowded shopping area in the southern city of Hyderabad – one of them near a cinema and one near a bus station. The blasts shattered storefronts, scattered food and plates from roadside restaurants and left tangles of dead bodies. Passersby rushed the wounded to hospitals.

“This is a dastardly attack; the guilty will not go unpunished,” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said. He appealed to the public to remain calm.

India has been in a state of alert since Mohammed Afzal Guru, a Kashmiri, was hanged in a New Delhi jail nearly two weeks ago after being convicted of involvement in a 2001 attack on India’s Parliament. The assault killed 14 people, including five of the gunmen.

Many in Indian-ruled Kashmir believe Guru did not receive a fair trial, and the secrecy with which the execution was carried out fueled anger in a region where anti-India sentiment runs deep.

Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde said there was a general alert about the possibility of an attack somewhere in India for the past three days. “But there was no specific intelligence about a particular place,” he said.

Written By: AP
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  1. This is a commonplace Islamic attack, one of over 20,000 documented since 911. Jihadis are emboldened by non-Muslim (& minority) nations’ political correctness; this can only escalate until nations face the fact that Islam is itself radical and this is not the work of a fanatical few. See Jihadwatch or Thereligionofpeace for the facts.

  2. Or each can be treated as an individual criminal event. This is a mass murder, should be treated, investigated and prosecuted as such with all accessories before and after the fact included. Once convicted, statistics can be compiled and used to prove the genicidal tendencies of a particular group or whatever statistical fact is required by the zeitgeist.

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