Father ties, locks up six-year-old daughter for witchcraft


A 42-year-old father, Mr. Edet Etok-Akpan, is currently being quizzed at the headquarters of the Cross River State Police Command in Calabar for torturing his six-year-old daughter, Edidiong, as a result of a church prophetess’ pronouncement that the girl was a witch.

Edidiong was beaten by her father and locked up in a room with her hands, mouth and face bound for four days before she was rescued by neighbours.

It was learnt that Etok-Akpan started beating her on February 19 after an unidentified prophetess in their church told him that Edidiong was the witch responsible for the stagnancy in his life.

Narrating her ordeal to PUNCH Metro on Monday, Edidiong said after the beatings which lasted for some days, her father on February 21 tied her hands with a cord and bound her mouth with a piece of cloth.

She said, “He locked me in the inner room of our house and he never gave me food and never allowed me to go to school.”

The girl, who said she is in basic three at Femos Nursery and Primary School located at 24 Etyin Abasi Street, said she was becoming weak after days without food or water.

Luck, however, came her way on February 23, when another child, who lives with her parents in the same 42 Atakpa Street, came to their veranda to look for broom and discovered her.

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  1. Let me get this straight, the father punished his daughter for supposed witchcraft on the word of an actual witch who escaped any form of punishment.

    Does that make sense at all?

  2. I know it didn’t happen in this country but I would happily support legislation to permanently sterilize any parent, male female or other, who is proven to be a seriously unfit (as in a continuing danger) to their children.

  3. In reply to #1 by N_Ellis:

    Let me get this straight, the father punished his daughter for supposed witchcraft on the word of an actual witch who escaped any form of punishment.

    Does that make sense at all?

    Not witch, prophetess. Completely different. Duh!

  4. And people say it would be cruel to make people pass an intelligence test before they can procreate. The man should be locked in stocks for as long as he abused his daughter.

  5. Funny (not haha funny) how “belief” tends to create scapegoats and people willing to hurt those scapegoats. I mean, this guy is being painted as a loser (the stagnancy in his life). And it has to be someone’s fault. So this thing called “belief” has him hurting his child because she is the cause of him being a loser. How the hell do we break this cycle?

  6. This case is a good example of how (as Christopher Hitchens put it) religion poisons everything.

  7. In reply to #5 by crookedshoes:

    How the hell do we break this cycle?

    I used to think the answer was simply education, education, education. But, now I think we must strive to include an education about how our minds work. I have argued with some people here that children need to learn a little psychology, how we and others make cognitive errors. Until we can slightly loosen the grip the panic stricken have on their own certainties a little, lubricating doubt will never get in there. Cultural copying needs to lose a little fidelity.

  8. Not a whimper from the moderate churches…nothing….zilch…nada!
    Unless, or until, those august institutions start regulating the more extreme elements in their belief structure this will continue to occur.

    This cult that Mr. Edet Etok-Akpan drooled on just typifies the extremely fine line between the traditional tribal supernatural hokum with the extremely thin veneer of xtian flavoured hogwash.

    A prophetess…really…you mean the usual batty and ignorant old spinster that tribes and villages love on one hand but fear on another if they get on the wrong side of her that tends to induce their superstitious tinged paranoia and ended up badly with said ‘witch’ being burned at the stake because their crops had gone belly up!

    The same one that young gals and young men approach for love potions and to ward off unwanted harassments or to simply bestow their hearts desires.
    The one that shakes bones and exotic herbal concoctions to see what there is to see!

    A prophetess…woe ! …woe ! …and thrice woe!…beware the ides of march Caesar….I see a tall dark stranger…etc …..etc…

    A prophetess, must have some witchy powers in order to peek through the veil of life, OK not a sorceress exactly but she must commune with the spirits to get her inside track on the runners and riders?
    Whichever way it is sliced and diced this is someone that professes abilities to converse with the other-side of reality…to get handy hints and tips like why stagnation in life is the fault of a pre-pubescent child that goes to a primary school.

    And there was I thinking that one of their favourite passage in the bible was ‘thou shall not suffer a witch to live’ but of course if the ”witch’ is cheer leading for jeebus then tis another tale!

    One wonders if this doyenne of the dark side was the actual minister in overall charge of the church or was just used to wrangle the victims in the congregation?

    If the former the church is to take full blame for employing a raving lunatic come fraudster…if not then the priest is to blame for allowing her to administer to the congregation.

    But lets face it that is how the xtian religion was infiltrated into the third world anyway, first as a just another deity then as symbiotic union of the old and the new then it takes over completely by threat, malice and lies. …it is what they do after all!

  9. Sorry I think the mouse button is faulty…I will change it cos this is not the first time it double posts when clicked!

  10. Apologists may plead poverty, lack of education, superstition, local culture and yes they all play a part. But all of those should be trumped by simple humanity. To do that to any small child is unconscionable, to do it to your own is beyond any explanation or excuse.

  11. It saddens me greatly the fact that this guy hails from the city i was born and raised in, I feel a great sense of empathy for the guy and his little daughter. i also must add, the little girl was lucky to have excaped alive. In calabar, its a norm to burn withces, I mean it. Some of his friends will most certainly never talk to him agian for spareing a witchs life because the witch happened be his daughter, so in a wired sense, what he did might be seen as an act of mercy. Before we point our fingers of blame on him, let us not forget that humans are a product of the society they have been raised in, mr Edet is only doing what most men would do in his situation. The way out is a change in mentality, i would like to know how such change can come about. I was made to believe exposure and education is the way out. Well, i have come to a realization of the fact that, that alone cannot do the trick.

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