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Mar 29, 2013

My Dear Beautiful Profesor Dawkins
Me and my friend ( I am 34 he is 77 🙂 ), we follow your work, and history of church and religions. The only thing we want to say to you is THANK YOU!!!!! Very much. But religion(s) affect-s people so deep that in some cases you cant not even imagine how deep.
I analysed my life and bad religious influence on me, family, friends their lifes and even not religious people were affected.
People were trying to kill me (really kill), when I was 3 and half, why? Cos my parents didnt have wedding. The person “killer”, missed throwing sharp piece of wood and I was lucky. Few years later other religious people smashed kid’s head cos of the same reason. 16 year old girl couldnt get period, so her family stick a metal wire inside and broke her cervix. doctor came on time.
Do you want more examples? I live in civilised country in EU 🙂
I think whole history is full of examples how bad religion can be and how bad most of the time is. Some people say that people who are in a church are bad not religion(s) or church :/ .
Thanks to church i live in fear all my life.

Thank you Professor from the bottom of our hearts, but fighting with religions is like fighting with mills.


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