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A 25-year-old Syrian refugee, Hasan, is taking over Oxfam’s twitter page again tomorrow (Thursday 14th March) in a bid to raise awareness of the appeal and secure more donations – and we need your help spreading the word.        

Over a month ago, Hasan took over the Oxfam GB twitter page, tweeting from Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan. Hasan tweeted hourly from the camp, giving us an insight into a day in the life of a Syrian refugee and a unique opportunity to hear the voice of someone living in the camp.

The morning of the takeover, Hasan’s wife gave birth to a baby girl called Leen. Millions of people listened and shared Hasan’s story, and have since asked after Hasan and baby Leen. This Thursday, as we mark the two-year anniversary of the Syria crisis, Hasan will return to Oxfam’s twitter page to update us on how his family is doing one month on.

This time Hasan will also be sharing the page and his voice with a number of other refugees from Zataari camp, as well as those working on the aid effort (see Latest News for more info, and click here to read about Oxfam’s response).  

We need your help

With thousands of people working for Oxfam GB, we potentially have a large voice on twitter so please use it to help us spread the word and rally support for the Syria refugees appeal. We need to have as many people as possible following Oxfam GB, so please tweet today. Then tomorrow, please check into the page, read the refugees’ stories and re-tweet where possible, hopefully prompting people to donate.

Suggested tweets:


Follow @oxfamgb tomorrow & hear the stories of Syrian refugees and workers direct from the camps. #SyriaRefugees

Read accounts of life in a Syrian refugee camp tomorrow @oxfamgb, peoples hopes & fears for the future #SyriaRefugees

.@oxfamgb takeover tomorrow – Syrian refugees give updates on life in the camps #SyriaRefugees

Follow refugees and workers accounts of life in a refugee camp tomorrow @oxfamgb #SyriaRefugees


Retweeting:@oxfamgb with text to donate or link to donation page on website:

.@oxfamgb takeover day.Syrian refugees tell of life in the camps, sharing hopes & fears for the future. #SyriaRefugees

Follow @oxfamgb &hear Syrian refugees & people working on aid effort give accounts of life in the camp #SyriaRefugees

See @oxfamgb now for updates on life in a Syrian refugee camp. #SyriaRefugees

Oxfam messaging and hashtags:        

Hashtag: #SyriaRefugee

Shortened link to donations page on website:

Thank you for your support!

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  1. I always feel a pang of guilt when I read an article like this and think: “It has been two years already?”

    Don’t get me wrong, I always donate what I can, but thoughts like this always make me drop a few dimes extra.

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