1. On belief P90 col 2- “Couldn’t you argue that just because something doesn’t exist, that’s no reason not to believe in it? In fact we do believe in things that don’t exist, art, morality, money.”

    Bit of the dreaded linguistic philosophy is called for here. Like most of the words that talk about things of importance, the word “belief” has a range of meanings; there is “belief” like belief in God, fairies, the universe etc. At least in theory these beliefs can be tested; you might meet God in a pub, or more likely a madhouse one day, although that is unlikely. Similarly we can see the universe, and what we see can be explained in terms of physics, maths, cognitive psychology etc. On the other hand when we say that we believe in art, morality or the sublimity of the game of cricket, we are in fact saying that we support morality, art or the sublime game of cricket. We are probably asserting that we think that they are social goods, things which make the world a more pleasant place, and improve humankind generally. Our “belief” has nothing to do with asserting the existence or otherwise of these things – it describes our attitude to them.

    As a retired Trades Union official, I frequently encountered employers who didn’t “believe” in unions, in spite of the fact that I was sitting in front of them with a maniacal expression on my face. They were asserting that they wished I would f*** off!

  2. The Dawkins Doctrine

    This is a poor title, which shows a lack of understanding of science.

  3. In reply to #2 by Alan4discussion:

    The Dawkins Doctrine

    This is a poor title, which shows a lack of understanding of science.


    When I read the title I assumed this was going to be yet another article going after him.

  4. I find it a very nice article to read, kindly shared.
    Indeed, we all have a poor understanding of many things(as those making research may have more questions than answers), yet the author of the article does never show any misleading acknowledge of science´s importance, on the contrary, the article is about it´s wonder to a general audience.

  5. A fine article indeed. But I wish an article like this could be printed in Tennessee and Louisiana.

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