Ugly, Mon, Mar 11 2013 #(1957)

Mar 11, 2013

All the hard work this foundation it’s pumping into the world will one day not exist. Richard Dawkins is building his own glory upon lies of the truth. People actually look up to him and it’s sad to know Richard will one day die and all his hard work against God will burn in fire. God is Merciful and will exhaust all of His love so that Richard repents and returns to the arms of his CREATOR the Almighty God. “What if your wrong,” a woman asks Richard in a speaking seminar. Mr. Dawkins replies with nothing. He did not answer the question, why? What if your wrong? Mr. Dawkins. What if one day you meet your CREATOR? Richards Dawkins puts his faith in science, but science leads you to dead ends. If there’s nothing no good, no evil, no God, no purpose, no meaning…. Then why does Mr. Dawkins care? His purpose in life is to lead many away from God, but what does he care if in the end we all die? I’ll keep him in prayer and ask Jesus to help him see the truth. The blind leading the blind will need a guide one day and Jesus Christ will never turn you away. Ask Him to lead you. God bless you and God love you.

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