Conspiracy Road Trip: Creationism (new TV show/series)

Apr 11, 2013

Discussion by: itraining

There is a great new TV series titled "Conspiracy Road Trip". Comedian Andrew Maxwell presents his serious side as he takes 5 British "believers" on a road trip top confront their beliefs.

The Conspiracy Road Trip: Creationism episode provides an insight into how Creationists think and react when confronted with evidence. There is something about sex, particularly homosexuality, that really pushes the buttons of the fundamentalist Creationist (Phil). Enjoy the Creationist episode here:

The other episodes (so far) are entertaining and provide real world interaction with people who have suspended logic, reason and evidence for "nutty" beliefs. The UFO episode is particularly disturbing!

Conspiracy Road Trip: UFOs

9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip – BBC – Full Version

Conspiracy Road Trip 7/7 Bombings = part 1

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    atheistengineer says:

    It was indeed. It was really funny cos there is a woman who just isn’t homophobic and creationist enough for the nutty Phil guy and in the end she starts to waver and accept evolution. His face is a picture.

    There is a younger guy as well who Phil takes under his wing and Phils face is a picture when he correctly puts skulls in the correct order predicted by evolution.

    And of course there is Phil getting his knickers in a twist whenever a piece of evidence is produced and having a real toddler tantrum when he thinks he might have to meet some gay christians.

    In fact Phils tantrums and face alone make it well worth watching.

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    This Is Not A Meme says:

    I found all of these shows to be very enjoyable and illuminating. A variety of people, reacting to their core beliefs in a variety of ways. Some people change their minds, which is amazing to see (especially in the 7/7 episode), while others up the ante of absurdity. The creationism one stands out from the others because it is an issue with an industry providing arguments and self delusion, which Phil is an avid patron of.

    Phil is gay. It makes me quite sad. I don’t know how to analyze it, but it fits into the whole picture of self-delusion. If he can deny his love of the cock, he can deny anything. He can believe in flying Jews and magic animal boats, and that’s just kinda silly, but the whole closet thing is tragic. It really puts a dark edge on his statements and vibe. It is of course not a scientific study of creationists, but it is a field sample and perhaps reflective of the population and its inner workings. In that, I hope the gay-normalization movement helps end all manner of madness.

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    Sjoerd Westenborg says:

    My mouse has been hovering over the link for quite some time now. I have a very low tolerance for closed mindedness, but the concept sounds very interesting.

    Well, here goes.

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    Okeydoke says:

    You would have to bind me and clamp my eyes open Clockwerk Orange-sytle for me to suffer through a show like this, as my tolerance for bullshit is indeed extremely low. There is a beautiful german word for my reaction to the people depicted in this show: “fremdschämen”

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    Mister T says:

    The highlight of this programme was when one of the creationists almost caved on speaking to a professor who showed them homonid skulls as evidence for evolution. She said, “if I start accepting all of this, then I’ve got to accept that everything else is a pile of crap” (watch from about 47 mins onwards). Hilarious and sad to witness.

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    itraining says:

    In reply to #3 by This Is Not A Meme:

    “Phil is gay. It makes me quite sad. I don’t know how to analyze it, but it fits into the whole picture of self-delusion. If he can deny his love of the cock, he can deny anything.”

    When the group get some free time and Phil returns 1 hour late, Andrew Maxwell says something like “We think we know where Phil has been.”. Was that a subtle dig that Andrew believes Phil is gay but he did not want to be a complete arsehole about it and expose him publicly?

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    Dom 2061 says:

    I found Phil to be quite frightening in the depth of his delusion and the threatening manner in which his particular brand of psychopathy presented itself, but towards the end of the programme he used a phrase which I thought was quite revealing.

    I think it was somewhere around the point where the skull chronology was being explained. All the way through the programme I had the uncomfortable feeling that the creationists were missing such a basic grasp of the science that the facts being given to them were indistinguishable from their holy writings. When Phil said, ” one, two, skip a few, ninty-nine, a hundred”, he revealed exactly what it was he thought he was hearing: To him, the scientist was saying, ” here are some old skulls. You just have to accept the fact that we know they are old, and we’ve just guessed which order they go in, though you’ll just have to accept that, too. It looks like there may have been some changes, so we’re just assuming how that happened, but it’s all guesswork, really, and when I tell you we know how old the rocks are that’s just a matter of opinion”.

    That’s the problem if you don’t understand how we know stuff: any statement or claim – in fact, EVERY statement or claim – is as valid as every other and you are not equipped to recognise any difference between them. One can only look on pityingly.

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  • just had a talk with my parents, my mom was up to…well evolution yea…but…
    I filled in the blanks to make sure. Universe, about 13.7 billion, give or take, Earth, 4.5 plus or minus, and evolution, just not humans? It’s a start. 🙂 I really don’t want to “deconvert” anyone because unless someone opens their mind they’ll just be converted again and again. But I do like to nudge and answer questions. My Dad, still evolution is BS. 🙁

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    PlagioClase says:

    Phil Robinson has written a report about how he got involved in the production and what happened during filming. Claims there was an agenda and it was highly edited. Does anyone know if Maxwell or the producers have responded to Robinson’s claims anywhere?

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    Pauly01 says:

    The Irish guy was outrageous.

    He thought the show was a stitch up because there were no creationist geologist invited on the show.

    What a Joke.

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  • Pauly01. 12 When it comes to earning a living, finding minerals, coal and oil, there are no creationists. Did you ever see a mining company advertise for a creationist geologist, or launch a prospectus with a creation theory underpinning? Those fellows know how to keep god in his proper place, outside of the bourse.

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