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Apr 10, 2013

Fellow seeker?
The Foundation uses the term “evidence based” in its mission statement.
I am wondering what is meant by the word “evidence.” And in light of whatever definition that you would offer, what is the Foundation’s/your position on String Theory and Multiverse Theory?

Both relativity and quantum theory had objective evidence within a decade or so of their proposal.
Despite decades of active work on various string and multiverse theories, the evidence, as understood by any normative understanding of the principles of the scientific method (which have held up pretty well until now), for them is exactly zero. Of course there is subjective evidence in the repeated reports of mystics who claim to have experienced other universes and dimensions, but I assume that you do not include such reports as “evidence.”
If it continues to be the case that the scientific method cannot be applied to these theories, they remain just another metaphysics, albeit with elegant mathematics attached.
Perhaps you do not put any “faith” in these theories, and my point is moot.
However, if you do, how do you reconcile the contradiction between the rejection of a Divine realm of existence (not to be confused with traditional organized religious conceptions of “God”) for lack of so-called scientific evidence on one hand and faith in string/multiverse theories despite the lack of any scientific evidence, as traditionally conceived, whatsoever?


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