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Apr 10, 2013


First off thanks to all the responses I got to my post “Difficulties Believers Have with Science”, lots of really interesting points made and I’m still going through it when I can find the time.

Just wanted to comment on RD’s “Makes sense” post which I saw today and began reading. Unfortunately this kind of thing really turns me off. It seems so petty and frankly a bit childish. Who is it for? Is it designed to bring all us atheists together under one mantra? RD has criticised religions in the past for the way in which their followers gather to repeat their beliefs publicly at weekly church meetings to make them all feel like they belong and are singing from the same hymn-sheet.

This “Makes sense” post feels a bit like that.

Do you think believers want to make sense? Haven’t we got passed that yet? Isn’t there some truth in the idea that the more ridiculous the belief the more believers it attracts? So how does this level of sarcasm help convert anyone? It just feels like smug self-satisfaction to me. What was wrong with stating the science clearly and calmly and in an (sorry) adult manner?

Didn’t someone say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit? It’s a shame to see this post on this site. It won’t stop me visiting (I’m a committed atheist), but still, it’s a little disappointing.

Having said that – I’m not against sarcasm – it just feels like this is the wrong place for it.

I know many won’t agree, but there you go.


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