Newly Self-Identified Atheist, Saying Thanks, Converts, Wed, Apr 10 2013 #(1958)

Apr 10, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your tremendous efforts in bringing rationality to an otherwise irrational world. I decided to use the category “converts”, although I believe my experience was more of a “deconversion” (or more specifically, several stages of deconversion), because up until very recently I wasn’t quite comfortable calling myself an Atheist. I was more comfortable calling myself agnostic, until of course, reading “The God Delusion”. I wish I could tell you that it was your book that deconverted me, but since my non-belief was already in place, your works (along with Hitchens’ and Harris’) have provided me with the clarity and comfort I needed to finally declare my atheism without squirming in my seat. I have a newfound purpose in life, and a renewed sense of being. With this, I hope to share my personal story with others someday, so that I might help other fence-sitters obtain some clarity (not that I think my experience is more profound than anyone else’s, just unique in it’s own way). For this, I can’t thank you enough.

I only wish that somebody had recommended your books to me a lot sooner.

Max Christopher

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