Pakistani Taliban Hit Political Party, Killing 1


Pakistani Taliban attacked two leaders of an anti-militant political party on Sunday in northwest Pakistan, killing one and wounding another in the latest attack targeting members of secular-leaning parties ahead of next month's parliamentary election.

In the first incident, Mukarram Shah was killed in an explosion as he entered his car in the village of Banjot, said Abdullah Khan, police chief of the nearby city of Mingora. The explosives appeared to have been set off by remote control, he added.

In the other attack, a blast hit the convoy of provincial assembly candidate Masoom Shah as he was returning from a campaign meeting, police officer Zahir Khan said. He said Shah and three of his aides suffered wounds from the roadside bomb.

Both men belong to the secular Awami National Party, which supported military operations against militants in the region.

The ANP is one of three secular-leaning political parties that the Pakistani Taliban have threatened to attack during campaigns for the May 11 parliamentary elections. The other two parties are the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

Written By: Sherin Zada
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  1. Why bother with elections at all if you obviously don’t adhere to the basic principles of democracy?

  2. Pakistan/Talibanistan needs to wake up and take a leaf from the former USSR playbook.

    Fight fire with absolute hellfire, pursue these monsters relentlessly and exterminate them, even if human rights has to be suspended. Ban Islam & the koran, close mosques and madrassas, educate children to democratic principles and generally clean up the filth of Muhammad.

    Blast, I have woken up and all that is fantasy, of course.

  3. At the time of Indian partician, when the state of Pakistan came into existence, I think I’m right in saying that an entire train packed with Hindus leaving the incipient nation was blown up, killing the majority of the passengers.

    Atrocities were of course perpetrated against Muslims by Hindus; after all we have to keep a balance in these matters.

    The Christians in the north of Ireland aren’t even in the same class when it comes to this sort of thing; they seem to have somehow lost their touch.

    Although bombing funerals seems to be a favourite across religions. I once saw some news footage of one such incident in the north of Ireland which was too horrifying to be transmitted.

    The first thing the fire service personnel did, even before putting out the blaze, was to hose away the blood, hair, bone, guts and body parts from the walls, pavements, road, vehicles and those who had survived the blast, lest the sight of it all cause a riot.

  4. Mo should have cut out all the crap, wasting all that time with uncritical thinking and deluding himself about talking to angels and then lying about it to any fool that would listen. He could have laid down the rules for all other abrahamic meme nutters for the rest of all time if he summarised the koran in one phrase “I have a better argument (he hadn’t but that is irrelevant) and if you don’t swallow it I kill you!”

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