1. When I was 19, I was disowned by my parents. I was away at college and had become sexually active and the college health center had prescribed birth control for me. My parents were Catholics, and believed birth control to be a sin, and they told me that because of this terrible sin I could no longer have any contact with my siblings or anyone else in the family. My parents not only refused to continue funding my college education, but they refused to sign financial aid forms. I had to quit college temporarily and make enough money to get by and go back. Ultimately, my sibs went away to college and went through the same thing! Can you imagine parents putting their religious beliefs against their children like that? Now all of my sibs and I are non-religious, because they saw how my parents treated all of us. I surprise people when I tell them that my Catholic parents didn’t even manage to raise one Catholic child or grandchild. Throughout our lives, our relationships with our parents have always been somewhat poor because of the way we were treated.

  2. Luckily I come from a nominal Christian family, so when I came out as an Atheist not too much of a stir was caused. Sure there was some disappointment, but my siblings and parents realized I am who I am, and family is more important than some religion.

  3. My parents were also Catholic and none of their 4 children were religious either (one is deceased); however, my parents never condemned us for being atheists. I always tell my parents that they must have done something right. What is funny is that my parents were more upset to learn that I was a ‘liberal’ than an atheist. It pains me so much when I hear of anyone being shunned because of they do not follow the religious views of their parents. It says a lot about religion, that it is more important to be dogmatic than to love and care for one’s own family. We are only here for such a brief time, it seems to me one of the biggest evils of religion is that it destroys the love we can have in this life for the ill-promised ‘love’ in the next. It is the biggest con-game known to man.

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