The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways ………., Good, Wed, Apr 10 2013 #(1943)

Apr 10, 2013

I know anecdotes like this must crop up a lot.
Here’s one more that astonished me.

In a frightening and tragic way, a sink hole has opened up under a house and swallowed a young man alive. Nature is cruel and blind.
But if you believe in God, what are you to think about this ?
God is all knowing and all seeing.
Did God intentionally smite this person ?
Or did God intentionally fail to save this person from a natural occurrence ?

Either way, I would not be praising God.

But his father seems to be a Christian. So activate delusion field.
Some how, this does not shake his faith. Instead he is grateful.

“”I thank the Lord for not taking my daughter and the rest of my family,” Jeremy Bush said.”

When good things happen, they praise God.
When bad things happen, they praise God.

Hard to argue with people like this in any logical way.

Please continue your good work Richard
Anonymoose (a man trying to make a name for himself)

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