A Region in Myanmar Limits Births of Muslims


The local authorities in the western state of Rakhine in Myanmar have imposed a two-child limit for Muslim Rohingya families, a policy that does not apply to Buddhists in the area and comes amid accusations of ethnic cleansing during earlier sectarian violence.

Officials said Saturday that the new measure would be applied to two Rakhine townships that border Bangladesh and that have the highest Muslim populations in the state.

The unusual order makes Myanmar perhaps the only country in the world to impose such a restriction on a religious group, and it is likely to fuel further criticism that Muslims are being discriminated against in the Buddhist-majority country.

In a recent meeting with President Thein Sein, President Obama mixed praise for the country’s rapid pace toward democracy with a warning that violence against Muslims “needs to stop.”

It was unclear how the local government would enforce the rule, and the announcement could be as much about playing to the country’s Buddhist majority as about actual policy. It was also unclear what effect the new limits would have; there have already been restrictions on Rohingyas marrying, which analysts said were meant to decrease the birthrate.

Written By: AP
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  1. I am actually rather surprised this sort of policy is not more widespread. But oddly Fundamentalist Christians are just as eager to increase the population of atheists and gays.

  2. You know I can’t imagine the kinds of things Al Qaeda are going to do to these people…
    Seriously I can’t imagine they’ll do anything. Who wants to bet £10 that I’m right, and that it only really counts as ‘oppression of muslims’ when the national majority are rich and/or white.

  3. In reply to #1 by Roedy:

    I am actually rather surprised this sort of policy is not more widespread. But oddly Fundamentalist Christians are just as eager to increase the population of atheists and gays.

    If we had rational laws the tax system would be structured so you get tax breaks for one or two children but after that it starts to work in reverse. You are adding more people to the population that is already too large and its rational to pay more taxes to make up for all the required healthcare, schooling, etc. that those extra bodies will use up.

  4. Although I’m a Realist non believer – I have compassion for any human minority that are being unfairly treated, It can only lead to any small group becoming ‘fair game’ for all sorts of sanctions imposed by other people with pregidous and minimising the births is a particularly insulting way of reducing the population of the minority whilst excluding your own people from the reduction, we are either all humans and have the same rights…. or we are all seperate groups with different rights and agendas…..we must be safe to travel and live in other countries for the benefit of all humans, but none of us expects to be unfairly treated because we are a minority….We need to have identical worldwide basic human rights no matter who we are or where we live….and managing world population is a responsibility for all educated people, uneducated people need to be helped with birth control and reduction, but encouragment is better than enforcement.

  5. I have nothing against instituting measures to curb population growth, but everyone should be subjected to them equally. Generally try not use the term, but this such a clear, almost textbook case, of religious discrimination that I am forced to. What we are watching here is a slow genocide that is rapidly accelerating.


  7. In reply to #7 by AtheisticallyYours:

    Not mine, mate.

    Mods, happy to see this go too, when you’re ready.

  8. 7 atheistically yours

    Sounds more like irrational hatred rather than rationally thought out argument. Not really what I’d expect on a site like this. Thoroughly offensive, please can we get it removed?

  9. Geesh, this is idiotic when you consider a little bit of education could get rid of BOTH the Muslim AND the Buddhist “populations” so we could have one homogenous population without such stupid issues.

  10. desperate times…….

    They fear islam, rightly so. They cannot get shot of the muslim population so they choose to limit it in a non violent way. Im sure if you are muslim and you dont like it you can install your own sharia laws and courts and pay no heed to the rights and rules of the country you reside in.

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