Another Illusion…, Good, Mon, May 20 2013 #(1931)

May 20, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins
I´m a swedish woman in my 40´s- and I have red most of your books, and also Douglas Adams (Guide to the galaxy- superb!) I´m not going to argue about God- because there is non. Another experience I hope you can disprove….
I have got a diagnosis AS/Autism, and therefore spent most of my life in various psychiatric wards- in periods heavily drugd. About 20 years ago I had this “feeling” for the first time- the density of walls, floors and other solid objects were wrong. Everything around me felt soft, moisty or “flexible”. I tried to explain this for my doctor- and that resulted in more medication and I got locked up for a couple of weeks. After that I learned not to mention that- but that doesn´t mean I still get this feeling now and than. Not frightening- but this had led to an odd theory- I don´t believe in matter. I don´t just questioning any form of creator- I doubt all kind of “existence”.
Picture that all that we see as reality- animals, gardens, humans only is an illusion made by one (only) energy. The accepted illusion- that most of us call reality is completely normal. Sick, mad people like me- suffering from serious delusions and hallucinations must be locked up- to protect the most spread ones.
We explore the cosmos further and further away- we explore the human genom, and break it up to smaller and smaller pieces. What if- nothing of this is real?
Adams huge processor (Earth for example) divided in to small, individual drivers- unaware of each other? Please- give me one proof that my teory is impossible!
Psychiatrists can´t- they only medicate til you cant argue anymore.
The God factor; I recently wrote an article (Atheism) about the One and Only, Omniscent. Father, Son and The Holy Ghost. In psyciatric terms this can only be classified as “Multiple personality”- and than this must have a 4:th part- Satan. Otherwise he cannot be Omniscent.
Excuse any mis spelling- english is not my native language, and swedish is mostly seen as weird, gluttural sounds.

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