Student of medicine and history, Mon, May 20 2013 #(1963)

May 20, 2013

Dear mr prof. Richard Dawkins!
I’m a polish student of medicine and history. Although I am a catholic who goes to church every sunday, I would really like to say that I like you and admire you. That is because I think you really believe in what you propagate. Even though I comletely disagree about a lot of things you say about religion, I think it is idiotic to blame people for doing what they think is right. So because you strongly think there is no God, you try to share this widom with everyone and that’s why I don’t hate you but I like you. You try to help people (even though that I think what you do is not help and that it is opposite, but the intentions are important) I would hate you if you believed in God and then propagated that there is no God, but I hope it is not like that 🙂 Hope you will read this.
Tomasz Kwiatkowski

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