Birth control in sex ed classes passes Illinois Senate


Illinois public schools that teach sex education will be required to provide information about birth control under a measure the Senate sent to Gov. Pat Quinn on Wednesday.

The legislation is a change from current policy, where abstinence is the only requirement for schools with sex ed classes. The measure was approved on a 37-21 vote and needed 30 to pass.

Supporters argue that abstinence-only education is not effective and students should be taught about other methods of birth control and protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Opponents contend abstinence-only education should remain the norm in schools, saying parents should decide how to educate their kids about sex.

Sponsoring Sen. Heather Steans, D-Chicago, said the measure still would require schools to teach that abstinence is the only way to prevent pregnancy and disease, while at the same time allowing "students to make healthy decisions for themselves."

Written By: Monique Garcia
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  1. “…parents should decide how to educate their kids about sex.”

    Indeed: either keep them at home, and teach them your batshit crazy beliefs, or send them to school where they can learn facts and stuff. That way, it remains the parents’ choice, while not preventing schools from, you know, teaching people things that are true about the world.

    Win, win!

  2. So to be born in the state of Illinois this is the gauntlet you have to run: if you’re a boy most likely the most sensitive part of your sexual organs- your foreskin- will be amputated in infancy and you will never be taught by your parents, teacher or doctor what you lost- except that American peer-reviewed medical journals justify the cutting with scientific ‘studies'(are you there, Prof Dawkins?)which was for ‘your benefit’. No sex education there.
    Then you have to wait until you’re already starting puberty before any educator- if you’re lucky- will breach the topics of sexual biology or social issues around sexuality. But you can’t upset parents’ religious sensibilities. And parents have an option to withdraw their children from curriculum they don’t approve of which could include learning about contraception, gay/lesbian/bi/trans/intersex facts, sexual rights, abortion, loving and intimacy, etc.
    ‘Just say NO!’ to normal urges and hormones- ‘because you can’t be trusted’ seems to be the message and that’s disgraceful.
    So let’s just ignore teenage STD’s, glbti suicides and pregnancies. Ignorance is preferable to education! Shame Illinois.
    The older I get the more I realise just how much life is a lottery- children are born and are truly a hostage to the tragic whims firstly of their parents but also the society around them. Hostages.

  3. it’s astonishing such a thing is news in the 21st century.

    information is freely available to everyone everywhere now and still schools worry that they’re not being allowed to withold information from the students they’re employed impart information to.

    good thing it’s happeneing but about 100 years late.

    anyone who feels schools have a responsibility to uphold religious belief should admit their churches are incapable of doing what they’re there for. any parent who worries that their child will discover contraception and therefore choose to engage in premarital sex dispite an upbringing saying they shouldn’t must admit to themselves their religion is too weak to survive without enforced fear and ignorance

  4. What else is there to tell a horny teen that how to avoid getting pregnant and how to avoid getting HIV?

    Telling the teen, just don’t have sex is commanding him to override millions of years of evolution. That is the one thing nature will not let you do.

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