Brazil priest excommunicated over support for gays


 A Catholic priest in southeastern Brazil was excommunicated on Monday after publicly resigning from his duties to protest against the church's opposition to homosexuality.

"Father Roberto Francisco Daniel can no longer celebrate the divine rite because he has been excommunicated," a statement from the Bauru diocese in Sao Paulo state said.

The 48-year-old priest, who renounced his church duties over the weekend, was accused of "heresy" and "schism" by the church hierarchy in the world's biggest Catholic country, which will welcome Pope Francis in late July during a major youth festival in Rio de Janeiro.

Written By: AFP
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  1. “..And another one gone, and another one gone

    Another one bites the dust”

    Hope he has the sense to realise he’s got out of jail free- and likes Queen

  2. The divine rite? Is that the sinister ritual consumption of the flesh and blood of that mythical jesus character? I should think being barred from doing it is a cause for celebration. The rcc is a dreadful organisation and it makes me happy every time they make a cock up like this.

  3. And yet they will not “excommunicat” anyone for child molestation. Perhaps pope Ben would like to comment?

  4. He says he can’t “live the gospel” in an institution that doesn’t respect freedom of thought. While it’s heartening to see a mind apprehend the benefit of freethought, I don’t know where the hell he sees respect for that in the gospels. You’re halfway home Beto. Keep coming. We wait with open arms and a ready feast to welcome our brother.

  5. ex-communicated? Join the club mate. All you need to do now is wake up to the fact that they won’t pester you any more and you can be free.

  6. So now they’ve started getting rid of their own ’employees’ – I wonder who will end up running the show eventually, maybe the handsome Swiss Guards! I would certainly attend the occasional Mass then!

  7. In reply to #8 by Vorlund:

    …they won’t pester you any more and you can be free.

    Yep, the proverbial “blessing in disguise”.

  8. In the odd chance that Beto might find his way here, I would like to reassure him that being excluded from the RCC is an earthly blessing. No longer need he worry about “sin” . Hey Beto, I’ve never been a member of the RCC or any other church, and I’m just fine. As long as the parties are consenting and nobody gets hurt, I don’t care what people get up to in their bedrooms. The freaks who fired you are either sexually repressed, if they are true to their vows, or they are hypocrites of the first rank. I hope none of these bastards has ever touched any of your altar boys, and / or covered up for those who have.

    Sin , sin, sin. That’s about all the RCC has to offer humanity. (Expletive deleted!)

  9. Poor bloke! Something he devoted his life to, has turned to ashes. How sad that some of the contributors to this site can’t find anything better to do than sneer and take cheap shots at him and the beliefs in which he is entrapped.
    Makes them as bad as the bible thumpers.

  10. Those who thought that the new Pope would be a liberal, here is a typical example of his “liberalism”, the excommunication of a member of the RCC that although we don’t agree with his beliefs, at least he tried to help a minority despised by the Catholic hierarchy. “For me it has become impossible to live the Gospel in an institution where freedom of thought and freedom of expression are not respected,” he said. Well, Father Roberto F. Daniel may be a good guy but very naïve; the RCC has never shown a minimum degree of respect for freedom of expression and freedom of thought; poor Father Roberto has found it out the hard way by being accused of heresy and schism like the “good old days” when accusations like these sent many people to be burnt at the stake. Perhaps the new Pope is under the spell of old Nazi Ratzi who is staying in a nearby convent within the Vatican walls, but I’d say that the changes in the RCC serve to keep things unchanged.

  11. I don’t know whether he is gay, but I am constantly baffled why any gay person would want to be a Christian. It is like a Jew yearning for membership in the Nazi party. It would be interesting to know what the key lies are that hold this Stockholm syndrome in place.

    Perhaps it is something like a young Nazi, discovering only as a teen that they have a Jewish heritage. The are easily persuaded to hate themselves, because they have previously been trained to hate Jews.

    I have noticed that people who say they knew they were from a very young age there were gay have the least trouble coming to terms with it and societal and religious rejection. I did not notice until I was 15 and I had a heck of a time. I had crushes on males, but it never occurred to me they had anything to do with sex or queers. I just put it down to the wonderfulness of those I was besotted with.

  12. I hope they excommunicate everyone who is gay, uses birth control, masturbates, and anything else that offends God.

    In no time at all, the church will be dead.

  13. “Well look father, there’s just some things we cannot support! We know that little misdemeanours occur now and then, like raping children, that we can ignore as one of those things. But you’ve really crossed the line on this one!”

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