Confused, Good, Mon, May 20 2013 #(1964)

May 20, 2013

Dear Mr. Dawkins,
I am a Muslim and I believe in god. I want to believe in god. The half of my brain claims that there is a creator. But there is a problem. I also believe in science.
Actually I am not converted but confused. I admire all scientists for what they have discovered until now. They helped me a lot by understanding the evolution process in the whole universe.
I was born and currently live in Turkey. My country’s education system is a complete mess. There is no chance for our children to question things but to read what the politicians show to us. I will try my best to teach my one and only son, how things work; all religions of the world, the big bang theory.
My son should have a chance to believe what he completely understands. Not a script in Arabic, Latin or any other language. He has to read all the available information in his mother tongue about religions, comprehend the facts of science, then he should make his own choice what to believe.
The environmental factors, neighbors, geographical conditions certainly effects our beliefs. But I promise you, I will not let my son choose a religion, through a single perspective. This is what I learned from you until now. Thank you for being a part of our universe. Thank you for not insulting but advising to non-atheists.

Best Regards From Turkey.


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