Dinosaur Eggs Are Missing Link In Egg Evolution


Studying dinosaur eggs is a lot like a big, frustrating Easter egg hunt: The eggs are rare, fragile—rainwater is acidic enough to dissolve some egg fossils—and it can be difficult to identify which dinosaur species they belong to.

But every now and then, scientists' persistence pays off. A recently discovered clutch of 150-million-year-old fossil eggs is being billed as an important missing link in the evolution of dinosaur eggs.

The find from the Late Jurassic period, described in a paper published May 30 in the journal Scientific Reports, gives scientists a picture of early dinosaur eggs and embryos from a group called theropods, which include Tyrannosaurus rex and modern birds.

"Most of the time, you find eggs without the embryos, or the embryos without the eggs," said said Ricardo Araújo, a vertebrate paleontologist at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and lead author of the new study.

This is the first real picture of what early eggs in theropods might have looked like, said Robert Reisz, a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of of Toronto, who was not involved in the study.

The find will enable researchers to begin to address questions like which aspects of theropod eggshells came from their ancestors, and which ones evolved independently. 

Written By: Jane J. Lee
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  2. I make decisions based upon the facts available. If the facts change, then I reserve the right to change my decision. OR, I could base my decisions upon a subjective selection of 2000 year-old scrolls written by some semi-nomadic tribesmen and then refuse to change my mind when their ancient superstitions are totally refuted by objective scientific discoveries.

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