Embracing Mortality!, Good, Mon, May 27 2013 #(1979)

May 27, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins.
Trust you are in good health

I am thankful that you have gone through this painstaking task of simplifying answers that have been shrouded in mystery and mixed with religious belief for so long that, it is virtually impossible for some of our fellow humans to comprehend them. Well, I will not lament over the dearth of courage to challenge long held notions and dogmas, that some of us exhibit when confronted, I encounter these rejections from friends and colleagues on the issues pertaining to their faith, yet after each of such discussions I feel a sense of correctness and control over my conduct as a human being. Here as well, I see that there are some weak defences offered by those that are afraid to face reality and take on the mantel of controlling their own existence. It is my clear opinion that it is this responsibility we are nervous about, the responsibility to take centre stage in our own lives, and not placing a fictitious figure at the focal point.

I also believe, that all our lives we run away from this one constant question that chases us like a shadow, that of our mortality, and chaste reality that science offers is not much to our liking, we therefore seek refuge in pseudo eternity that religion offers, finding momentary comfort in prayer and practices, designed purely to distract. Yet, unless we embrace the fact of our finite lives, we will always be incapable of making it worthwhile.

As a young man, I drifted away from religious believes, I would say, rather naturally, and as I witness the many questions that stare us in our daily discourse, I am left with this feeling of both wonder and humility. Reading your work is a great source of inspiration.

That we have this life is mere chance, what we make of it is our choice.

Yours sincerely.


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