‘Ex-gay’ posterboy John Paulk apologises for stance


Years after appearing on the cover of Newsweek touting the powers of therapy for ‘gay conversion’, John Paulk, 50, has admitted he is still gay.

In 1998, Paulk appeared on the magazine’s cover with his wife Anne, under the headline 'Gay for Life?' The couple (she also claimed to have been a lesbian) ran a ministry called Love Won Out, based on so-called 'reparative therapy.'

He was also chairman for one of the most publicised ex-gay organisations Exodus International and the author of two books on the subject: Not Afraid To Change: The Remarkable Story Of How One Man Overcame Homosexuality and Love Won Out, which he co-authored with his wife.

PQ Monthly report Paulk is now estranged from his wife and has apologised for harm done to those close to him and the gay community as a whole. ‘My beliefs have changed,’ Paulk told PQ, which stands for Proud Queer. 'Today, I do not consider myself "ex-gay" and I no longer support or promote the movement.'

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