Franklin Graham: IRS Targeted Us, Too


Internal Revenue Service agents targeted the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and its offshoot Samaritan's Purse for extra scrutiny, says Franklin Graham, son of the organization's founder.

Politico reports that Graham sent a letter to President Barack Obama on Tuesday. In it, Graham said he believes the audits were part of the IRS's admitted practice of targeting conservative and pro-Israel groups that came to light on Friday.

Graham says the organization, headquartered in North Carolina, ran statewide ads supporting a traditional marriage amendment in the state. 

In the fall, the ministry ran newspaper ads asking voters to "cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel." The ad concluded, "Vote for biblical values this November 6, and pray with me (Billy Graham) that America will remain one nation under God."

Written By: Greg Richter
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  1. Pay taxes on your collections and THEN start whining. Fuck off.

    If the IRS did anything wrong then those responsible should be brought to task. However, when an organization does not pay taxes yet gets to post billboards swaying public elections, then something is truly wrong. Then to stand up and act like you had something done wrong to you????

    Pay the same taxes I pay, then we can open dialogue about your poor self. Oh, poor me, those meanies are being mean. Poor poor me. It is tired and old and enough already. Pay your way and I will then pity you when you are wrongfully audited by the IRS.

    Scam artists, con men, shaman, this is what you want be when you grow up??? DIsgusting.

  2. If they wish to preach from the pulpit and try to garner votes then yes, they should lose their tax-exempt status.

  3. “In it, Graham said he believes the audits were part of the IRS’s admitted practice of targeting conservative and pro-Israel groups”

    Yes, well you also believe in a god and have offered evidence for that either.

    Without evidence you can make whatever claims you like, but it doesn’t mean anyone has to take them seriously.

    Just because you are being investigated by the IRS and they are targeting groups like yours doesn’t mean you haven’t done something wrong. You can view this as an opportunity to prove your bona fides.

    You like to claim nothing happens without your god’s will. Well in that case the investigation is your god’s will, and if you are found guilty or not-guilty, that’s your god’s will too.

  4. Sounds like a perfect time to investigate the IRS, find any wrong doing and then move onto whether Billy and his cronies have violated anything themselves… Seems fair.

  5. Samaritans Purse in an insidious, evil organisation. Many UK corporations have been frankly duped into sponsoring their efforts in UK schools. Schoolchildren are persuaded to make up parcels of toys, clothes, food etc for underprivileged children, but are never told that before the parcel is delivered it will be filled up with religious propaganda.

    The recipients of these parcels are often Muslims and Hindus who have no interest in overtly Christian propaganda. Some UK Christian leaders have described the organisation’s operations as openly racist (as indeed, unsurprisingly, have Muslim leaders). At least one UK bank used to sponsor the parcels but has withdrawn support in view of these criticisms, as have other corporates, and more intelligent schools are no longer having anything to do with them. However, there remains a strong suspicion that sone faith schools at least buy into the agenda wholeheartedly.

    Co-opting innocent schoolchildren into participating in a racist propaganda campaign is not my idea of “Christian” values.

    If the IRS take these charlatans to the cleaners, I should be delighted.

  6. If Obama had Nixon’s team working for him this never would have happened; it would have been done with greater effectiveness and discipline, the groups would have been infiltrated by the FBI early on, actions covered up and no one would have dared getting on Nixon’s hate list and Hoover’s FBI investigation list over it. And Billy Graham and Nixon had made their deal.

    Fundraising in the last election was a big for anonymous, unlimited fundraising in the 2012 election. I wonder how the numbers of 501cs formed and dollars raised compare.

  7. I am sure Graham would have been flagged by the computer for extra scrutiny for any of a dozen reasons other than that they were conning boobs out of their cash.

  8. Where does the Bible extol defrauding the Internal Revenue?

    I think it says something along the lines that love of money is the root of all evil.

    Boundless hypocrisy coupled with endless whingeing.


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