Good, Wed, May 29 2013 #(2002)

May 29, 2013

Dear Dr. Dawkins,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued efforts in trying to impart sense to the ignorant people all around the world. And I would like to assure you that you do have an impact on people. A very positive impact. (Saying this might seem redundant, but, I believe that in order to keep fighting the uphill battle that you have been fighting all your life, every bit of positive feedback is very valuable). It is amazing to see how you stand true to your scientific approach toward this issue by having a forum on your website where people can actually criticize you. And might I add, if being religious means you curse someone publicly on the internet, then it just make me more proud that I have always been an atheist.

I have had a very interesting and mixed upbringing. My mom is hindu and my dad is zoroastrian. So, I’ve had the opportunity to worship all kinds of deities; prophets, idols, trees, rocks, fire and so on. And despite this, I feel that I have always been an atheist. Simply because, if i need to do well on an exam, i’d much rather study that stand in front of an idol made of ceramic!

I am always amazed at how deeply rooted religion is in people’s lives. And, to top it all, religion says that we are the most superior of all living things! How can we be superior, if we can’t accept logic and science.

Maybe its a distant dream, but, I await the day when logic overpowers ignorance and the world is a better place.

Thank you.

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