Hinduism, Good, Mon, May 20 2013 #(1990)

May 20, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins!
A similar email has been posted on samharris.org as well. I am just curious as to why neither of you (you and Sam Harris) never really focused on or discussed Hinduism at length. Is it because you consider it a lot less influential – at least as far as Western Civilization is concerned (and definitely not as much as Islam, Christianity or Judaism)? I cannot think of any other reason as, if you go by sheer numbers alone, one billion or so followers of Hinduism is not exactly insignificant. As a disclaimer, let me say that I am a non-believer and that faith is not the reason why I am wondering about Hinduism. It’s just that from what little I know of Hinduism(I was born in India), while it is not exactly free of the usual evils that come with any organised religion or cult, it also has a lot of positive contributions to make. To name a few – it does not believe that the earth is created only about ten thousand years or ago, does not seem to have a problem with evolution, has heaps and heaps of “female” deities (I don’t want to talk about the position of women in our society now – it’s just disgraceful, nevermind the mention of female deities), has no problems with apostasy (in fact, has no problems with atheism either), its mythology (whether you believe in it or not) has characters that border on being transgenders and gay (without being shunned from the society completely), it is extremely tolerant of other faiths (again, I am referring to its teachings and not necessarily its followers, definitely not the current political outfits that wear the veil of Hinduism)….I can go on. Your thoughts, please?
Sree Madhira

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