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May 20, 2013

Dear Mr Dawkins,
I am in the middle of reading The God Delusion, having watched your programme on Channel 4 a couple of years ago. I was, before reading a self-confessed Agnostic and believed myself to be a 4-4.5 on your scale. The further I read, the further I progress towards 7 (I think I’m now a solid 6).

However, this new enlightenment has caused me problems and I don’t know how you can stand it. I follow the news quite closely on the BBC website and the ‘Have your say’ articles are now driving me to insanity!

I used to quite enjoy expressing my opinion and laughing superiorly at others stupidity. But now..! Today, the BBC have a story explaining how a map of the light in the universe has been put together. The religious rantings are ridiculous and I do now feel quite angry about how these views are not just held but encouraged!

I shall not rise to their bait on a BBC forum (mostly because I know they won’t read what I say) but should I ever meet one of these people bordering on clinical insanity in person, I shall be sure to point out the floors in their debased beliefs until they curl into a ball and give in!

Thank you for spreading the word and showing me the light!

With Kind regards,
Laura Hopkins

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