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May 20, 2013

Respected Mr. Richard Dawkins,
I thank you for what you fight for. I believe you fight not for your beliefs but for the sovereignty humanity. I think I am a Buddhist Agnostic (I like the principles but I do not believe in the other ‘worldly’ parts of it). I may not understand everything that the world and the universe has to offer but with my current understanding, i grow restless for the poor souls out there, but at the same time content with what I now believe in. It is funny when people wonder how brainwashing would feel like and I personally believe Religion was the biggest brainwash in human history. Religion may have created the sense of morality but that was enough because from now own we can take another turn for a better world tomorrow.

Thank you again for all your work and please do keep in mind that there are millions who consider your work a masterpiece.

Thank You

You are not alone
Chandan Pradhan

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