liberating, Converts, Mon, May 27 2013 #(1995)

May 27, 2013

I had read the selfish gene and other books by you several years back. But kept going back to religion on and off. When I finally had enough with it and returned to sanity, I realize that one reason why it is so hard to be rational is that it is hard to muster up the strength to be rational. From childhood, our rational apparatus is forced to be idle. While there is tremendous support to develop strength in having faith (for example something bad happens to us, but we still continue believing in god – we develop a certain inner strength to continue in our faith) but there is very little support to continue to be rational. The things we have to face up to when we become rational are not comfortable. Reading your books has provided me the tools to develop that strength over the years. And this is very different from continually reading, say the Bible. Because, reading them is not about believing in this or that, but about realizing that rationality provides the tools to find out the truth for ourselves and the courage to face the truth whatever it is.

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