Louisiana counts the cost of teaching creationism – in reputation and dollars


GOP Governor Bobby Jindal defends anti-evolution education policy, but it costs his state millions in science-based business

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal endorsed teaching creationism in public schools, by way of the state's creationism law, a misnamed and misguided piece of legislation called the Louisiana Science Education Act. In a recent interview with NBC News, Jindal said:

"Let's teach them about intelligent design … What are we scared of?"

Governor Jindal, we are scared of the harm to Louisiana students and to our state. The Louisiana Science Education Act has already hurt our economy.

The chairman of Louisiana's senate education committee, Conrad Appel, has called for high schools and colleges to graduate more students in Stem fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), because "the amount of income [students] can earn in these related fields is best." Teaching students that creationism is science will confuse them about the scientific method and the nature of science, which, in turn, will hold them back from getting jobs in any cutting-edge scientific field.

We can't teach students misleading lessons that blur the lines between rigorous fact and religious belief.

Written By: Zack Kopplin
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  1. let them crack on, the more money they waste the less harm they can do to the decent people in society that are different.

    “Let’s teach them about intelligent design … What are we scared of?”
    An unproven fallen angel turned bad guy with red horns who will punish you for all eternity Mr Jindal

  2. Jindal. How is your recommendations about teaching intelligent design supposed to make the Republican party not the stupid party?

  3. Both political parties are money driven. That’s a given. But, the Republican Party seems completely determined to drag its constituents and as many others as possible into its ignorant abyss.

    Science and Technology create work. So much of our daily lives, to say nothing of the world economy relies entirely on the science and technologies that have been developed. The computer I’m typing this on, the ability to access the world through it and so much more is all due to scientific advance.

    I honestly don’t think people like Jindal truly understand quite what they suggest when they make these ridiculous laws and try to forcefeed them to their states. Some southern states are suffering quite enough without having to bear the ignorance of an uninformed and clearly unenlightened bunch of representatives pushing agenda over the need of its people.

    I don’t care what your position on evolution is, you need it and foundational concepts in science. You don’t have to like it, and as in every case where someone wants to pitch a fit about it you can always teach it in church and at home. But give your children a chance to have a future by learning the facts. You don’t have to look far to see the dangerous results of forcefeeding faith and ignorance…

  4. Americans forget that they lead the world in science and science education in the 1950s. This was the golden age of prosperity.It was also the age of economic equality. They are kidding themselves that the benefits will continue to flow after they smash the underpinnings.

  5. Well, if Jindal decides to run for president in 2016, this issue is certain to resurface and bite him on the arse. He has obviously learned nothing from the mistakes of Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and especially Rick Perry.

  6. It must be galling to some people to have the state wasting their tax dollars to work against what believe, say evolution.. Now, repeat that sentence with creationism replacing evolution. One can immediately see a problem.

  7. You only have to do business with the village idiot if he has a commodity that is exclusive to him. Stupidity is not an asset nor rare. Excellence in STEM is. Sadly so is oil but that is not a permanent arrangement.

  8. I think Jesus was very much in favour of giving up wealth so I assume the good christians of Louisiana are very happy with this outcome. soon they can look forward to living in a state that Jesus would recognise

  9. I disagree. The people being hurt here are the children being taught this creationist nonsense. In many cases they’re too young to know any different. They need to be protected from the delusional and the dishonest such as Jindal. Jindal’s career, at least in the short term, is being helped by promoting creationism. The children being taught it are being put at a significant disadvantage, through no fault of their own.

    In reply to #1 by AtheistSquaddie:

    let them crack on, the more money they waste the less harm they can do to the decent people in society that are different.

  10. Not wishing to put too fine a point on it, this is stupid, disgraceful, selfish, dishonest behaviour which could only be carried out by relgious individuals who’ve been inflicted by self serving tripe dished out by by superstitious incorrigible fools.

  11. CP – So what should we do exactly? Over rule the mayor? its not gonna happen. not in the bible belt. this thing needs to crash slowly. its going to take a lot of minds with it. minds less fortunate than ours that havent had religion forced on them. in an ideal world id agree with you, we would save everyone. but in a realistic sense, not everyone can be saved.

    this is a human run world remember, its far from ideal

  12. Good article, Zack. I think a lot of the backlash against creationism in Louisiana is down to you. Thank you so much.

  13. Governor Jindal’s proposed manipulation of children is his state is down right criminal. This man should be fired and exiled from any big boy conversation.

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