Removing the ‘mental’ in my Fundamentalism, Converts, Thu, May 30 2013 #(2012)

May 30, 2013

Dear Professor Dawkins,

Sadly this message shall not appear on your hilarious reading list of hate emails. All the same, I do wish to thank you for your efforts that led to my liberation from the mind-forg’d manacles of religion. I was a Christian fundamentalist with ultra-Zionist leanings (as I am Jewish), a practice and faith that led me to abandon my passion and studies in biology, along with so many other beautiful things. My faith and obstinate zeal hurt the people closest to me, and brought me to the brink of a world without colour or joy for my mind.

Consequently it is with great appreciation for your own works, along with those of Lawrence Krauss and the late Christopher Hitchens that I am truly grateful for your efforts and to encourage you to continue this war of consciousness. For my own part, I have decided that upon the completion of my law degree to return to my studies in biology in the hope that I too may help to liberate minds, or at the very least, to enjoy a peaceful life with a mind full of colour.

Yours in Fellowship,

Luke R.
Sydney, Australia

Luke Richards

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