1. I heard this on the radio today, so I am posting part of the transcript, As background; there is a vocal group of “anti vaccination” parents in Australia that have done a lot of damage to the cause of disease control, whooping cough, for instance, was under control and becoming a rare event, unfortunately there are now outbreaks occurring again and interestingly in wealthier suburbs…… perhaps new age, alternate types are more likely to be affluent and ignorant, but I digress, these group can be educated and or be required to conform as stated below, however as you will see the religious are yet again offered a free pass, even at the expense of public health and disease control. How do we combat this, religious belief is more important than disease control, really?

    MIRIAM HALL: More than 90 per cent of Australian children are vaccinated against preventable diseases, but in some parts of the country, that vaccination rate drops as low as 85 per cent.

    President of the Australian Medical Association Steve Hambleton says low vaccination rates endanger the entire community.

    STEVE HAMBLETON: If we get below 90 per cent for infections like measles, it will take hold and it will start to spread and we’ll have trouble stopping it from spreading. So that the community needs to have vaccination rates somewhere over the 92 per cent to actually prevent spread.
    MIRIAM HALL: Under a law being tabled in New South Wales Parliament today childcare centres that enrol unvaccinated children could be fined up to $4,000.

    Parents who object to vaccinating their child on medical or religious grounds can get a special exemption from their GP, but only after receiving counselling.

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