Salutations from Saudi Arabia, Converts, Wed, May 29 2013 #(1996)

May 29, 2013

Dear Richard,
I am a young researcher in Computer Science living in Saudi Arabia. I have read parts of your book “The Greatest Show on Earth”. I must admit that I stole it online, as for obvious reasons it is not readily available at bookstores in my country. I’ve grown up in a very religious environment and had studied the Quran deligently from a young age. I loved your book. I’ve also watched many of your videos even when I was religious. I wish I had your courage.

Did you know that in my country, Philosophy as discipline is all but banned? No schools would teach it. No Universities offer any of it to students, except for Theology courses that “rebuke” philosophical arguments. It is never taught in any objective sense.

I had never heard of evolution before hearing it from my high-school biology teacher. It just made sense at the time, but it took me about ten years to seriously look into it. I’m still very much a layman when it comes to Biology, but I know good scientific method when I see it and the evidence is irrefutable.

Now I must get used to living in a world surrounded by intolerant theology. I grew up in it, you would think it would make sense to me. But it still doesn’t.

I may move to a more secular country some day, but I cannot bear the thought of seperating from my family. So I remain here. It is home, as long as I keep my atheism to myself. So I keep nodding my head and pretending to be a Muslim. Sorry for the long letter. I’ve no one I can speak to of this.


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