Stem cells grow new windpipe for 2-year-old girl facing death


Experimental stem-cell treatment has been credited with saving the life of a 2-year-old girl who was born without a windpipe.

The Associated Press reported that the treatment involved extracting cells from the girl’s own hip bone marrow. The cells were then seeded on a plastic base, and left for a week to multiply and grow. They grew into a windpipe, which was subsequently implanted on the girl, Hannah Warren, in a nine-hour surgery on April 9, AP reported.

Until her operation, the girl — who was born in South Korea in 2010 — had not been able to breathe or eat without medical assistance. She had spent her entire life in a Seoul hospital, awaiting death — until being transported to the United States for the experimental treatment.

Early prognosis is positive.

Doctors said Tuesday she will likely be able to lead a normal life, AP reported.

Written By: Cheryl K. Chumley
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  1. Then there are the people who ” pray ” illness away.

    Science. Not always at it’s best but still the best thing humans do.

  2. I’m just waiting to hear some idiotic reporter say what a “miracle” it is that this poor little girl is alive and apparently well.

    It’s not a miracle, people. It’s better than that. It’s more beautiful than that. It’s science; it’s medicine; it’s technology. It’s us: nurses, doctors, engineers and their support staff. We, humans, did that!

    Let’s give credit where credit is due. For goodness’ sake.

  3. In reply to #2 by aroundtown:

    Works for me. It seems like the most logical conclusion would be an “opt in or out” for those who feel the big nothing in the sky might be offended. Like science and its developments, count me in, don’t like it and prefer prayer just bow out. To bad the spiritually afflicted can’t grasp that conc…

    I’ll agree to that but only for people over the age of 18 (21 in the US). You should be at a suitably mature age before you make such decisions.

  4. I teach at a school with a very large Christian population. Recently a student was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. He underwent stem cell replacement therapy and just this past month, was declared cancer free. During his ordeal, the parents asked the community to pray for him. I found this a little ironic, since religious groups have been in opposition to this research and its’ application. Now that it is saving lives, it is deemed as God’s Miracle…go figure.

  5. In reply to #4 by aquilacane:

    I’ll agree to that but only for people over the age of 18 (21 in the US).

    I don’t actually. If this is a life saving / life changing procedure, it should be done despite the parents fantasies. Imagine a procedure for spinal injuries (which seems the logical next step for stem cell research).

    As for allowing or enforcing other procedures, like unnecessary plastic surgery (not for kids!), and of course those weird sadistic religious practises. Compulsory vaccinations, seeking medical assistance (versus Faith Healing, placebos and whatever other nonsense).

    I know big governments, personal freedoms, bla bla bla… But really, would you leave the responsibility of raising kids to irresponsible parents? There’s a line that should be drawn.

    EDIT : May have misunderstood. “Opt in or out if you’re over 18”. Under 18, the decision isn’t yours, or sometimes not even your parents’.

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