The magic of reality, translated into Persian, Good, Thu, May 30 2013 #(2015)

May 30, 2013

Dear Prof. Dawkins,
As two ordinary Iranian Muslim individuals, we have been reading your books and discussing on your thoughts for the last two years. The point is not your direct idea of being or not being an atheist that is the method you smoothly and professionally approach to the basic (and at the same time essential) question of the human being: LIFE.
Absolutely, no one with common beliefs would easily understand and explain how the complicated life begins & continues out of an individual origin as you did in your recent book of ”The magic of reality”. To extend the issue, we believe that not only the human being’s life, but all the creatures (meaning the THINGS in your literature) as the whole EXISTANCE would be easily explained by your method.
During the evolution of the human civilization, philosophers as the ritual scientists and artists have introduced some difficult issues like “Multiplicity”, “Unity of existence” or “Substantive motion” through some religious principles. But Richard Dawkins doesn’t urge us eventually to accept principle ideas; instead he tries to form some conceptual features in our mind. Some individually introduced obvious facts which totally setup a surprising combination, a real miracle: a magic of reality.
As Hafiz, the famous Persian poet says:
Falsely pious, of our state are unaware -No offence if their words our hearts tear.
What is this multi-patterned, tall, simple dome? -Who is wise to this riddle? Show me where?
We are translating this book into Persian, word to word trying not to miss a tiny clue and we are going to publish it in a kind of teenager’s series books if possible. You may find some of our audio books adopted from parts of this book at “”.
The point that you are a famous atheist in the world and that your idea is formally illegal in the Islamic Republic of Iran made us to set up a direct contact. We think that the idea of this book is totally scientific and that is usable for the Persian speaking countries (Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan).
Please let us be informed about any piece of information leading to the “The magic of reality” Persian version publication. We are greedily waiting to any response.

Mohammadhossein and Pedram

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