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May 20, 2013

In nature, two big bodies of water don’t mix easily
Dear respectful Dr. Richard Dawkin,

In a Video on Youtube, after visiting a Muslim school, you mocked the children’s idea about the natural barrier that separate two masses of water. Unfortunately, knowingly, or unknowingly you rejected the presence of this marvelous natural Phenomena without any scientific investigation. He picked a sentence, that fresh water and salt water don’t mix, and then made the judgment with out any further investigation.
Dear respectful Dawkin, i only wanted you to know that, in nature, two masses of water don’t mix easily as you may imagine, whether they are salt and salt (sea and ocean), fresh and salt ( river and sea) or fresh and fresh (the meeting of two rivers).
– The fresh water of the Amazon swim to as much as 200 mile into the Ocean. (check the following site: ( )

– Take also The Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes Rivers of the Amazon. When they meet they run together without mixing for 8-10 Km, though they are running at a different speed. This natural barrier form one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world. As it is described in the following link ( ). That it became one of the most attractive tourism sites in the Amazon. Check the following link for Tourists Review of the phenomena ( )

This amazing natural phenomena , about the presence of a barrier that make it difficult for two different bodies of water to mix, was remembered several times plainly in the Holly Quran, Quran don’t only tells about the meeting of fresh and salt water, it also tells about salt and salt water meeting.

By the way, the Quran Don’t tell they don’t mix, it rather tells about a barrier that makes it is not easy to mix.
I am waiting a feed back from you on this issue.
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