Wish to help Nigerian prostitutes by soliciting voodoo-priests


Translated by Kåre Olsen

Nigerian prostitutes enter into voodoo-contracts in order to get to Europe.

Justice politicians and aid lawyers along with the ROSA project now believe that voodoo priests might help them in a desperate situation.

Several trafficking sentences in Norway and Europe describe how Nigerian women undergo magical rituals were they commit themselves to pay a debt to those who help get them to Europe, less dark forces will maim or kill them and their family members.

Aid lawyer Silje Elisabeth Stenvaag has had tens of prostitute Nigerian women as her clients, amongst some concerning human trafficking trials.

Voodoo oath

“I think I’ve only met one woman who was not bound by a voodoo oath. It is through such agreements the facilitators manage to keep control of them from a distance”, Stenvaag says.

During a study in Haag, Netherlands 2011; the Norwegian Parliament’s justice committee was introduced to a rather unorthodox method put to use by the Dutch police. They had solicited the services of so-called JuJu, also known as voodoo priests; in order to release the women from the magical spell which bound them to their voodoo-contract.

“As it is a fact that they are being threatened and trafficked through voodoo, this is of course a creative way to approach the victim’s situation. This is something we can learn from, and it may most certainly be worth trying out”, says Jan Bøhler, (AP – Labor Party of Norway) 1st Deputy at the Parliament’s Justice Committee of Norway.


Accompanying that same study was Åse Michaelsen (FRP – Progression Party). Despite generally much disagreement concerning the law against the soliciting of prostitutes, the two political parties agree at this point:

“They have had great success with this in the Netherlands. We must dare to think anew, and to find ways of solving the situation for the Nigerian women. And by that I mean that we need to be more open to using Juju-priests here also”, says Michaelsen.

The two receive support by Jenny Klinge (SP – Senter Party).

“I totally agree that we need to consider this. If it will help more people get out of prostitution, it will be worth it”, says Klinge.

Last year the ROSA project received 146 first-time inquiries from possible victims of human trafficking. Women from Nigeria made out the majority group.

Strong influence

“I have great faith in this, if one is able to find the right voodoo-priest. Because in order to get through to these women you need to reverse the voodoo.
It is unbelievable to observe the high level of influence these facilitators have over the women through voodoo”, says Mildrid Mikkelsen, leader for the ROSA project.

But she urges caution.

“Several of the women are also having mental health issues, which they also attribute to the voodoo magic”, says Mikkelsen.

Aid Lawyer Steenvag hopes that the Norwegian Police will dare make use of the method.

“It is proven that we get nowhere by thinking traditionally when it comes to the Nigerian women. I believe it a good idea to make use of voodoo priests”, says Stenvaag.

It’s for real

“When even Norwegian Courts emphasize that the voodoo is real for these women, we need to take it seriously in other situations as well”, says Steenvag, who also points out that the Dutch Police force have had great success using voodoo priests during interrogations.

The Police does not dismiss the methods of the Dutch Police force.

“We have spent much time understanding the culture of these women, and none of this is unknown to us”, says Einar Aas, leader for the Section of Organized Crime in Oslo Police District.

Rune Swahn, Deputy Commander of Special Operations (SO), who coordinates the Oslo Police force’s operative work against human trafficking, is well informed concerning the practice of the Dutch Police.

“We do not dismiss that this might be applicable on our part, but we will need to perform a closer study before we can make a final decision”, says Swahn.

And if the Norwegian Police chooses to hire voodoo priests in order to free women from prostitution and to fight the facilitators; they won’t meet much resistance from their own department.

“We need to stay positive to everything that can help get these women out of the situation they currently find themselves in. It is easy to ridicule such things, but this is a real obstacle for many of them. If the operative Police units wants to do this, I shall give them my full support”, says Secretary of State Pål K. Lønseth with the Justice & Emergency department.

Written By: Erlend Often Arntsen
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  1. Norway has made a blunder here by criminalizing prostitution. But the strange law only punishes and criminalizes the men. It also assumes that every prostitute working in Norway is working against her will. Norway was very short sighted on this and should have followed the example of the Dutch and the Danes, not the Swedes who have also one sidedly criminalized it

  2. Voodoo is just like religion. 3 Steps – Indoctrinate, Intimidate, Control. That all there is to it. A simple trick pulled on countless millions of people. A blight on all mankind even on those of us who are not sucked in but who have to live our lives surrounded by the murder, mayhem, genocide, hate, discrimination, child rape, bombings, stupidity, wars, criminality, bigotry, terrorism and bile that religion causes.

  3. Makes sense to me. Like set a thief to catch a thief. Use voodoo to cancel voodoo. Whatever works.

  4. There was once a guy we called Buddha who used to sit morosely in a corner. I asked him what the matter was. He explained, that like Atlas, his job was to hold up the world. I tried arguing with him that it did not need holding up, but he was not convinced. I asked him if it would work if I held it up. He was joyous, “You would?”.

    I pantomimed taking the world from his shoulders and hefting it onto mine. He ran off skipping with happiness.

    One of the shrinks asked what I had done to “Buddha”. I explained how I had entered his reality and done an intervention within it.

    I have often hoped I might figure out how to cure Christians and Muslims similarly.

  5. Have you noticed that all these people who offer magical services, want cold/hard/unmagical cash?

  6. In reply to #1 by Philster61:

    Norway has made a blunder here by criminalizing prostitution. But the strange law only punishes and criminalizes the men. It also assumes that every prostitute working in Norway is working against her will. Norway was very short sighted on this and should have followed the example of the Dutch and t…

    It criminalizes clients, who are probably men, but not necessarily. Many sex workers don’t choose what they do, even if some do. Why criminalize them? I think you over-value consistency. Is it worse if someone beats all their children or one of them? Which is more consistent?

  7. Anyway, we Westerners inherited a very Christian and very irrational conception of prostitution, and of sex in general.

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