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Jun 14, 2013

Dear Dr Dawkins
I wonder how many of these letters are read by you in person. Nevertheless I found it important to write it for the sake of goodwill.

Like many of us writing to you, I want to voice my extreme pleasure and support in, not only your work , but your attitude that is one of (hopefully) many catalysts for 21st century society. I am sure I speak for many when I say we have grown tired of the lethargic hyper-diplomacy that infects many western cultures that pride themselves in being liberated and enlightened, when truth be told only a handful fall in such a category. These days one has to tread so lightly as to avoiding offending someone and falling under the label of heretic, racist, homophobic etc etc. ( And I speak as a minority myself). When did people become so sensitive? When did amicable and courteous opposition become inflammatory? Fierce as your work (The God Delusion) may be, I don’t think it is malicious at all. Perhaps just long overdue.

In a time when superstition should be close to eradicated by a wealth of information available at the press of a button, it is sad to see people of influence treat long-outdated ideas as if they have any validity and applicability in contemporary society, let alone as if they play central roles in society. I wish more public figures would be only half as resolute and outspoken as you are, and will throw their weight into fierce debates and not shy away, allowing ignorance to proliferate as it is doing at present.

Lastly, your work, and again your character, has given me the final motivation to change careers and follow a path to natural sciences (which is significant, as I have just spent 5 years and all my money studying architecture). I hope to one day work with the same tenacity as you do, and with the same level-headed objectiveness.

I will end here or else I might end up writing a book too 🙂

I thank you

Your fan in South Africa

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